Ten or fifteen years ago, your computer desktop was the perfect workspace: a single place where you could find all the apps and data that you needed to get work done. But with the explosion of native mobile apps, cloud-based web applications, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, we need a new model for the modern business workspace. Employees want instant access to all the apps and data they need to get their jobs done, and they want that access from any device, in any location. This demand for on-demand IT is putting incredible pressure on traditional IT infrastructure, along with the administrators and managers who have to make it all work, securely, and with a user experience that rivals consumer apps like Facebook and Twitter.

As Citrix partners and customers face this pressure, they have been asking what Citrix is doing to help them adapt to these new pressures. How can Citrix help them make managing all these workspace resources simpler and easier?

Our answer is Citrix Workspace Cloud. We’ll be demonstrating it this week at Citrix Synergy, and one of its first customers will explain how they are using this cloud-based management platform to deliver on-demand IT to the people in their organizations.

Citrix Workspace Cloud has been in development for more than a year. The IT leaders who gather at Synergy have followed the evolution of our technologies to become more and more mobile and cloud-ready. One example has been our Citrix Cloud Service Provider Program, where partners deploy our app delivery, VDI and mobility management solutions as a service to business subscribers. Citrix Workspace Cloud takes vision and strategy to the next level, bridging the past, present and future of the workspace in a way that no other provider can deliver.

Citrix Workspace Cloud has a lot to offer for our partners, including Citrix Solutions Advisors and Citrix Service Providers. In effect, we’ve taken away all the less-fun parts of being a solutions provider or service provider—low-level integration work, testing, management, dealing with customer frustration—so our partners can focus on the higher-value features and applications that truly differentiate them in the marketplace. Whatever solutions you design, you’ll be able to deliver them quickly, replicate them easily, and know that they’ll work seamlessly for every customer you serve.

With Citrix Workspace Cloud, administrators can design and publish any number of workspaces quickly and easily, each with its own mix of apps, desktops, data, mobility and networking services to meet the needs of use cases throughout the organization. On-the-go execs, creative professionals, engineers, customer service reps—each type of user can subscribe to their own perfect workspace.

At the same time, Citrix Workspace Cloud also supports those organizations that need to keep their IT workloads on-premises, due to requirements for security, compliance and performance. The unique architecture of Citrix Workspace Cloud gives you the flexibility to run individual services and host different types of data either on-premises or in the cloud to best meet the requirements of your business. This also provides a clear path from your current environment to the one you’ll need tomorrow and a year from now, while fully leveraging your existing investments every step of the way.

We could talk about Citrix Workspace Cloud all day long, but nothing compares with seeing and trying it for yourself—and envisioning how you’ll be able to use it in your own organization.

You’ve waited long enough for a better way to deliver full business mobility. Visit http://workspace.cloud.com to take our test drive, and experience Citrix Workspace Cloud.