In early March, we released the StoreFront 2.7 Technology Preview. This represented a Tech Preview for first set of components related to the Receiver X1 project. That release provided IT admins the ability to create and manage a centrally branded end user app selection experience on Receiver for Web.

At today’s Synergy keynote, we’re expanding the reach of this story by announcing the availability of the following Tech Previews:

– StoreFront 3.0 Tech preview; This version represents a refresh of the initial StoreFront 2.7 Tech Preview released in March. You’ll need StoreFront 3.0 in order to try the new Receivers described below.

– We are also introducing Tech Previews for the following desktop Receivers that work in conjunction with the StoreFront 3.0

  • Receiver for Windows 4.3
  • Receiver for Mac 12.0
  • Receiver for Linux 13.2

– And we are also releasing Tech Previews for the following web Receivers

  • Receiver for HTML5 1.7 (included with StoreFront)
  • Receiver for Chrome 1.7

Here’s What’s in it for You:

These Tech Previews provide you the ability to:

– Experience the new, modern Citrix Receiver end user look and feel that comes out-of-the-box

– Understand how the user’s app and desktop navigation and selection experience is simplified

– Discover branding customizations that can be done through the StoreFront console

– Do lower levels of style and layout customizations as well as deeper levels of API customizations

– Do all of the above in a way that is consistently delivered across all the of the Citrix Receivers in Tech Preview

Below are a series of resources to help you get started exploring the Citrix Receiver Tech Previews.

Download Citrix Receiver Tech Preview Components

We’ve gathered the Tech Preview components including the StoreFront 3.0 server component and all the Receiver clients here on a single page for download convenience.

Leverage Resources to Learn More

– You can find product documentation here

– Checkout Rich Hayton’s great technical blog series to help you understand how to get the most out of the Tech Preview

Citrix Developer site to leverage StoreFront API’s for deeper customization

Provide Feedback: We also have the associated support forum pages set up for each Tech Preview component. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Happy testing!