Today there is a veritable zoo of solutions out there for hosting Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop workloads on converged systems. From big iron solutions like those of our biggest hardware partners to boutique solutions from smaller but still important players, it has become difficult to keep track of it all.

The benefits of converged systems are well-established. Vendors deliver fully tested, pre-validated and configured systems that include everything you need for a production ready environment for anything ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of user workspaces. Systems are sized for compute, storage and networking to deliver the optimal performance needed for today’s demanding users and applications.

So, which one is right for you?

Customers looking to start at a sizable number of users and scale upward from there will likely choose solutions from the bigger vendors in the space like HP, VCE, IBM, NetApp and the like.   These larger scale solutions tend to differentiate themselves in either the level of performance/experience for the user, the customizability available for the system or the services that the vendors provide around the solutions.  Besides the “classic” converged systems are the hyper-converged infrastructures and pods that are now becoming more prevalent in the space.  These offer more appliance-like infrastructures that combine solutions from vendors like Citrix, Nutanix, Atlantis, Lenovo, NimbleStorage, Dell and traditional hardware manufacturers to create boxes that can drop in and support hundreds to thousands of users with the ability to easily scale-up by adding new boxes to the overall infrastructure.

Citrix WorkspacePod is an example of a hyper-converged reference system defined by Citrix to ensure an excellent experience for users and IT.  Several hardware manufacturers have signed on to deliver systems that bring WorkspacePod to the marketplace for customers to consume a production-ready user workspace solution.

There are many factors to weigh and lots of criteria to wade through as you decide which type of system is best for your needs.  To learn more and to help you make your decision you can attend our session at Citrix Synergy next week that is designed to help you decide on the right system for your particular situation.  Come see us at our session called SYN109: Making Sense of Converged Systems for XenApp and XenDesktop; Tuesday, May 12th, 2015, Valencia Ballroom BC.  See you in Orlando!