1.  Overview of this blog.

The intent of this document is to provide troubleshooting steps for most commonly seen Android WorxHome issues/error messages.

XenMobile Component Version Details:

The following document is tested on these versions:

Component Version
 MSSQL 2012
WorxHome 10.0.3

2. Android WorxHome Issues and Troubleshooting.

Error Message #1:  Please contact support for access to your apps

Check Points:

  • Please Check the status of your NetScaler Gateway Vserver weather you are able to access it.
  • Please Check weather you have correct NetScaler Gateway configurations in XMS server.


  • Make sure you go to NetScaler Gateway and check if the Vserver is up and running (Enabled) and SSL certificate is bound to this Vserver.
  • Try to Ping or Telnet on port 443 using the FQDN of NetScaler Gateway from your machine.
  • Login to XMS server and verify you have the right NetScaler Gateway FQDN configured.

Error Message #2:  Login exceeds maximum allowed users

Check Points:

  • Please check to see if you have enough number of licenses available in NetScaler Gateway.


  • Make Sure you login to NetScaler > NetScaler Gateway >  Select Active User sessions and terminate few user sessions.

Or Obtain New NetScaler License with increased number of user licenses

Error Message #3:  WorxHome could not connect

Check Points:

  • Please check the status of your MAM LB on NetScaler.
  • Please check if there is a DNS A record in NetScaler for MAM LB FQDN (i.e. XMS FQDN) pointing to MAM LB Vserver IP address.


  • Make sure, you login to NetScaler and check if the MAM LB is up and running and SSL certificate is bound to this Vserver.
  • Please Check the status of the XMS servers bound to the above MAM LB Vserver.
  • Make Sure you are able to ping the XMS server IP address from NetScaler.

Error Message #4:  Unable to complete enrollment. Please contact your IT department for more information.

Check Points:

  • Please Check maximum number of devices allowed for a user in XMS server.
  • Please Check if you are able to reach Active Directory from XMS server.
  • If you are using Two Factor enrollment in XMS server, make sure you use the active PIN number not the Redeemed PIN number (OLD PIN) and also a valid password.
  • Please Check if the user account in AD is Enabled/Disabled


  • Login to XMS Server > Settings > Server Properties > search for Number of Devices Per User property and increase the number if it is already configured.
  • Login to XMS Server CLI and try pinging the Active Directory and make sure the respective port (389/636) is open between XMS and AD.
  • Login to XMS Server > Mange  > Enrollment > and use the PIN number where the enrollment status shows as Pending.
  • If you are using PIN enrollment and if you have generated two PIN’s for same platform (iOS/Android), same user, make sure you enroll one device first and then the second device. If you try to enroll both the devices at same time using same user account enrollment will fail even though if you have used different PIN’s.

Error Message #5:  Please verify your credentials and try again.

Check Points:

  • Please check the search by user attribute in XMS server LDAP configurations if it is set to sAMAccountName or UserPrincipalName? And use the right attribute to log in to WorxHome.
  • Please make sure you use the same username Logon Attribute in NetScaler Gateway LDAP settings.
  • Please Verify whether user domain password has changed recently.
  • Please Check if the service account used in XMS and NetScaler Gateway LDAP settings are still valid


  • Log in to XMS Server CLI and try pinging the Active Directory. Check LDAP settings in XMS
  • Also make sure you are able to reach Active Directory from NetScaler and also verify LDAP settings in NetScaler Gateway Vserver.

Error Message #6:  Please verify your credentials and try again.

Error message on screen: WorxHome could not connect.

Check Points

  • Please Check if there are any vpn policies bound to the User Groups defined on Netscaler.


  • Remove the user group from the VPN policies. If any policies are bound to the group, then the user group takes preference and the policy bound to the group gets hit and it causes the WorxHome to fail to connect to the WorxStore.