Citrix Specialization Is the Talk of the Town
In case you missed the big news announced at Summit, Las Vegas, Citrix has created a new path to partner success – Citrix Specializations, the cornerstone of the new Citrix Solution Advisor program.

Citrix Specializations offer partners a new way to achieve business growth, competitive differentiation and customer satisfaction.

By demonstrating technical prowess, end-to-end sales capability and service delivery expertise in virtualization, mobility and networking, partners can win big with new complex, technical projects and expand existing implementations with additional solutions and services.

Benefits partners, benefits customers

Citrix Specializations offer flexibility and control for partners to begin specializing in the technical category that best reflects their current business model, and then qualify for incremental incentives and may add additional specializations to expand their technical portfolio.

Customers enjoy the benefits of expert solution design, implementation, support and services delivered by exceptionally skilled and proven Citrix Specialists.

These best-qualified partners can ensure customers experience higher satisfaction and optimal returns from their Citrix product investment as the result of successful solution design and implementation.

Partners can self-select advancement opportunities to obtain a higher program level based on a combination of technical competency and revenue attainment.

For example, partners with multiple specializations will be able to achieve the next medallion level with lower revenue requirements. Plus, by specializing in more than one technology category, partners can grow to become a Citrix Platinum Specialist.

A winning streak with partners

Citrix Specialization is a clear winner among our partners. There are over 1,000 Citrix Solution Advisors pursuing the Specialist designation.

“The Specialist badge shows that we have the diverse skills needed to deliver a project from end to end — identifying the best solution for the customer’s business case, assisting with a POC and pilot, implementing the technologies, and providing support and staff training.” Keith Bright, Advantec, vice president of sales. Here’s what partners are saying: 

“Gaining those badges will be tremendous. Not only is specialization a great competitive differentiator, it also provides outstanding financial rewards.” Jeremiah Cook, Varrow co-founder, managing partner and CEO. 

“This is not a multiple-choice test you can pass by Googling the answers. You have to have actual experience installing the solution. Also, it demonstrates to customers that the Citrix Specialist is capable of deploying the technology, not just serving as an advisor.” Patrick Coble, Citrix director for LPS. 

Big news – read all about it

Esteemed and noteworthy channel publications have picked up on the big news about Citrix Specializations – see what journalists are saying:

Step up to Specialist

Get started on your specialization journey today!

Citrix partners, visit Citrix Specialist on Citrix Partner Central for more details. If you not already a member of the Citrix Partner Network, this is a great time to become a partner.

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