Going remote allows companies to hire the most talented people regardless of location and enable them to produce their best work in a way they are most productive. But now that people have the freedom to work anywhere, how do they stay connected?

Co-location doesn’t always solve people’s connection problems—how many of you know what the people on the floor below you do? How do you know if they’re working on the exact same thing as you? How do you know if there’s someone there who can help you solve a problem? How many emails do you exchange trying to find this out?

“Co-location to drive serendipitous connections is like limiting your significant-other selection to people you can find at a particular bar,” said Guy Bieber, Citrix senior director of strategy and innovation.

Citrix has long been passionately striving to improve the way people work, securely, anywhere, and on any device. And with the rise of sharing economy, there’s never been a bigger need to utilize facilities in a smarter way.

“It’s like the data center—who should be building data centers anymore? No one. At some point, we’re going to get to the place where building offices is no longer a good idea either,” said Citrix CEO Mark Templeton.

To better connect employees, whether remote or on campus, the group of innovators at Citrix who built CubeFree, a real-time collaboration app for mobile workers around the globe, is now accepting requests for companies to have their own private version of the app that will not only connect their employees who are remote but also the ones who are co-located.

With CubeFree, workshifters can find and share their favorite workplaces—or anywhere they feel inspired, such as cafes, libraries, coworking spaces, or even their own home. To facilitate serendipitous connections, CubeFree allows mobile workers to connect with each other by allowing them to see their profiles, chat or send “Share a table” or “Offer a coffee” invitations. You never know where these great connections will take you. You might find a great work buddy to keep you focused, or someone who can be your partner on your next venture.

Companies that want to become pioneers for this “white label” version of CubeFree can email the CubeFree team at info@cubefreeapp.com to request a pilot. CubeFree also will be demonstrating a prototype of this private version at Citrix Synergy 2015. Schedule an appointment or look for the CubeFree team at the Citrix Customer Experience booth.

CubeFree is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play (May 11, 2015), as well as through Citrix XenMobile. Find more information about the app at cubefreeapp.com or citrix.com/cubefree.