Have you heard about the Intel IoT Gateway yet?  It’s Intel’s new environmentally and security hardened IoT gateway device.  Not only can it withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations, it ships with WindRiver’s secure Linux operating system and McAfee security policies to prevent tampering with installed IoT applications.

The Intel IoT Gateway can be ordered with various radio configurations including: WiFi Access Points, 3G/4G telco, Zigbee, and/or a built-in Ethernet hub.

We were excited to learn that there was enough SSD storage space and memory to install and run the entire Octoblu IoT stack on a single Intel IoT Gateway device! This includes: our Meshblu IoT mesh networking platform, our Gateblu IoT gateway, and our Octoblu flow designer and flow runner stack.

What does this mean and why is this so awesome?

This means that you can run an entire IoT cloud platform on the edge of your network or as a mesh network.  These Intel IoT Gateways could be deployed in homes, cars, buses, trains, planes, ships, buildings, conference rooms, construction sites, etc. As other Intel IoT Gateways access the Internet come within radio range of another connected device, machines can communicate with each other and share sensor data etc. More importantly, each connected device can control all of its connected components directly without needing to communicate information to “the cloud”.  This results in more real-time capabilities and local decision making IoT automations.

Here is a short video of the Octoblu team connecting a lighting sensor to the Intel IoT Gateway and changing the colors on Blink1 USB LEDs based on light readings.

We will be showing this demo live at the Citrix Synergy conference in the Intel pavilion May 12-14, 2015. Please stop by, say hello, and ask us questions!

On a related note, we were able to connect a couple of Edison-powered robots to an Intel IoT Gateway and control them with a Myo gesture controller armband!  Here’s a fun demo from Mobile World Congress:

Keep in mind that this demo was filmed without Internet connectivity!