Don’t know Thinwire from D3D? What is the best HDX display technology for the WAN? For a particular application or user experience? What does the new CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution offer to enhance how your users interact with apps, XenApp and XenDesktop?

If you’re asking yourself these questions (or anything like them), consider attending Synergy 209: Optimize XenDesktop and enterprise apps across a virtualized WAN with CloudBridge.

In this session we’ll take a medium dive into:

  • The factors that impact WAN and WLAN performance of HDX and application traffic
  • HDX characteristics and the potential trade-offs between user experience and bandwidth consumption
  • Examples of what works best where
  • The new CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution and how it can enhance your user’s experience without breaking the bank.

We’ll have about 30 minutes of content with Q & A afterwards.  Please join me Thursday May 14 at 9:30 in Valencia Ballroom D.