Citrix Synergy 2015 is nearly upon us and I hope that like many of us here at Citrix, you have finalized arrangements for the trip to Orlando, are planning which sessions to attend and are busy arranging meetings with key product & industry professionals.

This is a great time of year; it’s exciting to see and hear from so many customers, partners, analysts and colleagues on what they are seeing and hearing in the industry and to garner thoughts on where we are heading with our technology.

Within the XenServer team, we continue with our beliefs and vision that the hypervisor is an enabling platform that allow businesses to achieve their infrastructure goals. We continuously look to improve upon the platform for a variety of use cases, including application and desktop virtualization. Improvements such as these can often target performance, scalability and/or new and enhanced features, to help lower the infrastructure deployment and management costs for our customers.

We have plenty of attendees from the XenServer HQ of Cambridge UK this year, who will be there to present sessions and demo some of our latest technology.

Together with my colleague Enzo Raso (XenServer Product Management), we will be presenting session #SYN219: What’s new in XenServer 6.5: performance, scalability and TCO reduction at 11h30 (EST) on Thursday 14th May in Room W414D.

Learn all about the XenServer v6.5 release from earlier in the year, together with the most recent SP1 updates. Enzo will also be on hand to provide a taste of things to come.

There are some additional sessions that I can thoroughly recommend:

  • #SYN220: Exploring GPU virtualization technologies and where to use them
    Presenters: David Cottingham and James Bulpin at 15h30 on Thursday 14th May in Room W414D
  • #SYN221 – What’s new in Citrix CloudPlatform
    Presenters: Blake Connell and Palani Rajan at 15h30 on Thursday 14th May in Room W224C
  • #SYN218: Agile delivery and lifecycle management of Citrix workloads across multiple clouds with Workspace Cloud
    Presenters: Jie Feng and Kailas Jawadekar at 16h30 on Thursday 14th May in Room Valencia BC

In addition to these great sessions, we are also demonstrating some new and future technologies on the XenServer demo pod (#19) within the expo hall, which will include:

  • Docker containers support
    A new feature for XenServer v6.5 SP1, come and see how we’ve integrated Docker container management into the XenServer management UI for run-time operations and monitoring.
  • Technical preview of Intel GVT-g graphics virtualization
    See the latest work being done with Intel on GVT-g graphics virtualization support.
  • nVIDIA GRID vGPU graphics virtualization
    Citrix has offered nVIDIA GRID vGPU support for over 15 months and now, in the latest v6.5 SP1 release, it is more scalable and higher performing than ever before.

As you would expect, there will be a number of Citrix XenServer employees from the architecture, product management and product marketing teams, so please don’t hesitate to arrange one-on-one meetings if you want to discuss further how XenServer might be a part of your datacentre’s virtualization layer.

Please checkout for further information on sessions and demos, as well as booking meetings. We look forward to welcoming you in Orlando!

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