Every journey should yield great rewards, and this year in the Solutions Expo Citrix has completely reimagined the Citrix booth concept for Citrix Synergy Orlando 2015 that will take our attendees on a journey that will introduce an entirely new way to engage with us as a company.

This new way to engage, called The Citrix Booth Experience, took its inspiration from a little bit of Disney, and their magic in building an immerse experience, and mixed in the style and tone from the worldwide Citrix Executive Briefing Centers, to create a true showcase of solutions including live demos that show how mobility, virtualization, networking and cloud services unite to enable new ways of working. We’ve reframed the entire experience as a journey, and I hope to have the opportunity to welcome you to the experience at Synergy.

The Citrix Booth Experience comprises many parts; two pavilions, Ask the Experts Bar, Meet the Expert Theater, Fireside Chat Theater and a mini EBC. But what I want to start with is the Citrix Mobile Workspaces Pavilion, sponsored by Dell, and the Citrix Real World Pavilion, sponsored by HP. By some crazy alchemy, the two combine into much greater than the sum of their parts as they invite attendees to view Citrix solutions through the lens of their own requirements.

The Citrix Mobile Workspace Pavilion

Rather than expecting customers to determine where our products fit into their needs, we’ve upended the concept and reframed it from the customer’s point of view. The Citrix Mobile Workspace Pavilion is a continuum of Citrix products, displayed in demo stations according to the solution they represent to the customer.

Attendees begin their journey at Mobile App Delivery. It all starts with apps, where data follows the user, and continues to mobile device and app management, where users have full freedom to choose their devices and IT has full control to protect corporate data. They move on to endpoints, collaboration, migration and innovation, and finally delivery, answering questions along the way such as How do I print, and secure devices, especially in a challenging network environment? How do I facilitate communication? How do I simplify management and manage compliance? How do I get it all to work together?

Along the way, attendees will have the opportunity to touch and feel and experience new innovations, facilitated by a team who not only work with products but also in the field, so they understand what customers are looking for and the challenges they face. This knowledge-sharing between the product and sales teams pays off big for attendees, who can learn about state-of-the-art ways to solve their challenges without having to translate their needs.

The journey takes attendees through five series of demo stations. It looks something like this:

Mobile App Deliveryà Windows App Deliveryà Workspace DeliveryàInnovationàDelivery Network

But this isn’t just a new arrangement of demo stations. It’s a whole new way of thinking.

The Citrix Real World Pavilion

Visitors continue the journey in this Pavilion by visualizing how solutions will work in their own organizations in the immersive environment of the Citrix Real World Pavilion. Each area in the Pavilion creates a realistic environment demonstrating how Citrix and partner technologies are used to transform outcomes in healthcare, education, banking and financial services and government. Attendees can see firsthand how healthcare providers use Citrix mobile workspaces to move seamlessly from patient rooms to hospital corridors to home offices with ongoing access to critical medical apps and data, and how students gain the flexibility to study, research and access education tools from their choice of device in any location.

The Citrix story is most powerful when it’s told by our customers and experienced hands-on by attendees. Seeing these solutions in action, in real-world environments, satisfies a visceral need that goes beyond white papers and spec sheets.

Take the next step

After exploring the Pavilions, attendees determine what they want to do, and design their next steps based on their needs; you make your own journey. The Pavilions can be the first stop or the last stop, as The Citrix Booth Experience offers even more areas to explore.

Want to talk to an expert? Drill down into the technology in a presentation at the Meet the Experts Theater, packed with the industry’s most disruptive thought leaders, for working sessions that include:

  • IoT for Dummies: getting started with the Octoblu stack
  • ShareFile integration and implementation tips
  • Insight Services for optimizing your Citrix environment
  • Next-gen mobile app services and support with Concierge

Want to hear from a customer? Stop by the Fireside Chat Theater, where IT and business leaders from different industries will share their real-life experiences in 20-minute Q&A sessions, including:

  • 10 tips for convincing your IT and business leaders that it’s time to upgrade your IT environment
  • Real world–tested information security best practices
  • The University of Florida provides new ways to learn and work better with Citrix
  • Children’s Hospital of LA leverages Citrix solutions to ensure uninterrupted care to over 100,000 children each year

Stay as long as you want: network in one of our lounges, have a deeper discussion with one of team, you are the VIP, and you are always welcome.

If you’re coming to Orlando for Synergy, I encourage you to leave time to thoroughly explore it. Hope to see you there.

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