As of Monday, May 4, Melio is available!  

Melio is the core product of Sanbolic, which was acquired by Citrix in January 2015, the leader in software-defined storage for the next generation datacenter. With the new release of Melio, we continue our focus on optimizing datacenter economics by providing workload and infrastructure elasticity.

What is Melio?

Citrix Melio is an enterprise storage and data virtualization platform that is workload, hypervisor, and storage agnostic. It can run on physical, virtual, cloud and geo-distributed datacenters. Melio lets our XenDesktop and XenApp customers simplify their data and storage management, achieve infrastructure and workload scale-out and high availability.


Citrix Melio extends the benefits of virtualization to the storage layer by decoupling data from the physical storage in much the same way that server virtualization decouples the operating system from physical servers. Melio allows XenDesktop and XenApp administrators to have comprehensive host-based control and tier-one storage capabilities in their infrastructure. Melio’s software-defined storage features enable organizations to dramatically improve the economics and elasticity of their existing storage and server infrastructure, hyper-converged infrastructure, and industry-standard hardware, creating the perfect environment for XenDesktop and XenApp.

Melio will come in two editions: Melio VDI and Melio Enterprise. Melio VDI provides high availability for XenDesktop and XenApp deployments. It allows up to three servers to share concurrent access to volumes containing XenDesktop and/or XenApp image files (vDisks). Melio Enterprise provides seamless scale-out, geo-distribution and high availability for critical enterprise workloads, and supports server clusters up to 2048 nodes.

Melio/WorkspacePod provides up to 2,5 million IOps, QoS and 5000 IOPS per VDI session, delivering a delightful and predictable user experience.

As Citrix enters into the hyper-converged infrastructure market with this product, we are doing a controlled rollout through selected partners in North America, Germany and the UK.  If you are located outside of these countries, you will be able to promote and sell Melio in 2016, and if you encounter an opportunity this year, please contact your local Citrix Channel manager for approval to complete the opportunity.