I’ve noticed there’s a fair amount of discussion about the lack of scale in production scenarios for other cloud offerings.   That’s not an issue with Citrix CloudPlatform.  As a category pioneer, hundreds of customers are now in production at very large scale.  The largest Citrix CloudPlatform customer runs over 40,000 hosts.  That’s an order of magnitude more than some competitors that have offerings that stall out after significantly fewer servers.

While preserving high scalability, Citrix CloudPlatform 4.5 continues to deliver innovative new capabilities.  Many types of workloads are supported and now high-performance computing and 3D graphics workloads can be run using GPU technology.  Dedicate a GPU to a VM with GPU pass-through for high-performance computing, computer-aided design, scientific and other graphics intensive workloads.  Alternatively, share GPU hardware acceleration between users who work with rich content using Virtual GPU (vGPU) technology.

Further automation capabilities in support of Virtual Router upgrading and integration with Citrix Insight Services reduce the administration load.  For a full rundown on Citrix CloudPlatform 4.5 see these blogs:

Carrier-Grade Cloud with Citrix CloudPlatform 4.5

Citrix CloudPlatform 4.5 – Release Highlights

As we head into the Citrix user conference – Citrix Synergy 2015 – and with hundreds of Citrix CloudPlatform customers running scalable production clouds, I thought it would be a good time to revisit some of them:

  • Autodesk supports their engineers with on-demand development and test resources.
  • Big Red Group in Australia delivering automated self-service to customers and accelerating time to market.
  • Disney Interactive deployed a private cloud reducing their time to market to deliver new products.
  • IDC Frontier in Japan delivering cloud services to thousands across multiple datacenters
  • KT in South Korea delivers a secure agile cloud to customers that is cost effective
  • These are just a few of our customers, check them all out online.

Explore the latest product documentation and experience it yourself by downloading the trial softare at citrix.com/cloudplatform

For the latest update on Citrix CloudPlatform, join us at Synergy 2015 in Orlando, Florida.   Come see us at the “What’s New in Citrix CloudPlatform” session on Thursday May 14th at 3:30 pm. (SYN221).