When you think of Citrix, what comes to mind? Have you considered how our enterprise services provide developers an opportunity to create new innovative solutions for their company or customers?

Synergy session SYN312 looks beyond the Citrix product experience and peaks behind the curtains at the services Citrix products provide, and how they can be leveraged to enable new solution experiences to address new and unique employee and customer demands.

Citrix services?  What does that mean?

  • Instead of thinking about XenApp as the WorxHome or Receiver experience to launch Windows apps and desktops from any device, think about XenApp as a service to securely expose corporate data to users from any application.
  • ShareFile is an application running on your desktop or mobile device.  But you can also integrate ShareFile’s enterprise class cloud file storage and security into other apps/solutions requiring enterprise-class cloud storage as a service.
  • GoToMeeting is more than just a Citrix app to host virtual meetings, it is also a collaborative service that can be integrated as a feature of a larger solution.
  • Need a cloud-based database with a simple intuitive schema creation experience? Podio as a service might just do the trick and save you a lot of time and money.
  • How does Octoblu help tie all these services together?

We’ll give you some great ideas in our session at Synergy. In session“SYN312: Create new, innovative and more productive solutions with Citrix Developer”, we tie the Citrix services concept together in the form a compelling demonstration. This demonstration integrates all of the above-mentioned products together in a single solution using available Citrix product APIs.

For this demo, we will present an oil field foreman experience enabling the foreman to:

  • Easily access status of the oil field and rigs from a mobile device
  • Click down into specific diagnostic data accessed via Windows apps
  • Easily collaborate on the fly with multiple team members to make decisions
  • Interact with the hardware on the field
  • All from a single mobile application experience.

While the demonstration is centric to the energy vertical, the types of challenges addressed by the demonstration are applicable across all verticals and alternate use cases will be called out during the demonstration.  Please note, this session will be high level and will not deep-dive into the solution at the API level.

Attend this session and learn more about how Citrix services help customers create the solutions that can make a difference for their company and customers.

All of the demo code will be made available in Citrix Developer soon after Synergy 2015 as a public example to help organizations get started in developing solutions with Citrix services.

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