Still Hesitating on Migrating? I can help!

With the release of XenDesktop 7 and the inclusion of the Windows Server OS (RDS), the upgrade path from IMA to FMA became complicated. This was mainly due to the large change in the underlying architecture. Many admins have put off migrating their XA6.5 farms to the new FMA architecture, or they opted to build from the ground up.

In my upcoming TechEdge presentation “Successfully Migrating Your Farm to XenApp 7.6”, I will be showing you how to make this process seamless and painless. I’ll introduce the new migration tools and review best practices and insights that will help you successfully migrate your XenApp 6.5 farm to XenApp 7.6.

Some of the items I’ll be covering include but are not limited to: PowerShell tips, the migration scripts, advanced filters and expanded switches and how to use them when planning your new XenApp 7.6 site.  Also, I’ll be introducing an amazing new ……… I don’t want to spoil the surprise by sharing even a little hint but I promise you won’t want to miss my session.  Join me! and let me help make migrating easy.


Below is an example of the import filter –MatchWorkerGroup. The migration script switch/filter -MatchWorkerGroup will find any application assigned to the specified WorkerGroup and assign them to a delivery group in the new site. Paired with the -DeliveryGroupName, you can create the delivery group during the import process in a single step.

In my example, the “TEST- Adobe Dreamweaver CC” published application was assigned to the “Adobe” WorkerGroup.

Running the following command, the import script will match all apps assigned to the “Adobe” WorkerGroup using the -MatchWorkerGroup switch. It will then create a delivery group named “Adobe” for a one-to-one match.

Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile xafarm.xml -LogFile importxaf.log -MatchWorkerGroup “Adobe” -DeliveryGroupName “Adobe“

After the import completed, a refresh of the Citrix Studio on the new XA7.6 site shows the new “Adobe” delivery group containing one application.

Choosing the Applications tab reveals that “TEST- Adobe Dreamweaver CC” is available. Notice that the folder structure from AppCenter is retained.

Please join me at Citrix Synergy 2015 and the TechEdge event on Monday, May 11 at 8:00am to learn more techniques to plan and migrate your XenApp 6.5 farm to XenApp 7.6.

Citrix Synergy 2015