“XenApp Migration”, “Upgrading XenApp”, “Migrating from XenApp IMA to FMA”, “Moving from a XenApp 6.x farm to a XenApp 7.x site”, “Upgrading XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.6”, or however you want say it, many Citrix administrators have identified 2015 as the year to move to XenApp 7.6 Feature Pack 1. 

With the release of Feature Pack 1, Citrix continues to deliver more features and functionality to the already robust XenApp 7.x architecture. While many admins have decided that 2015 is the year to upgrade, you might still be trying to decide if 2015 is the year for you or simply be looking for guidance on ‘How to get started’.

In just a few days at Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando, Florida, I will be co-presenting with Daniel Feller on the topic of XenApp Upgrades in our SYN320: Never let me down again: The future of XenApp and XenDesktop upgrades

In this session we drill into the topic of upgrading an existing XenApp environment (XenApp 6.5 or earlier) to XenApp 7.6, including concepts like:

  • Where to start?  We will review key decision points to help you make the personal choice if 2015 is the year you should upgrade to XenApp 7.6.  We will highlight the advantages of upgrading to XenApp 7.6, while reviewing some of the differences between XenApp 7.6 and previous versions.
  • Tools!  Citrix is committed to helping you make the move to XenApp 7.6 by developing tools to simplify migration.  Check out our current Beta version of our web-based XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.6 migration tool, Project Serenity, with even more news on tools coming at Synergy.
  • Real-world examples!  We want to get your migration questions answered, so we will demo tools and walk through examples of upgrading XenApp as well as supporting components like Receiver and StoreFront to get you the information you need.

While my session with Dan will be jam-packed with technical XenApp upgrade information, we aren’t the only Synergy session on this topic.  You might be looking guidance from another IT Director who made the decision and executed a XenApp 7.6 upgrade. Didier Contis will be walking through how Georgia Tech made the move to XenApp 7 in his Synergy session, SYN249: The Georgia Tech Virtual Lab: trials and tribulations through our eight-year VDI journey.

Hope to see you at Citrix Synergy in Orlando!