Citrix partner Varrow takes a winning approach to mobility transformationLike other Citrix Solution Advisors, Varrow sells technology solutions. But the company takes a different road to close the deal.

Varrow begins customer engagements with an in-depth business outcomes assessment. Digging down into user workflows, evaluating IT’s readiness to adopt and operate new technology and interviewing senior leaders allows Varrow’s team to determine which solution aligns most closely with the organization’s business requirements.

I commend Varrow’s business outcomes orientation, which is enabling them to transform mobility in key vertical markets. Their winning approach to customer engagement is one for the record books and one that I want to share with you.

Winning formula is vision and leadership

According to Jason Heinrich, general manager of mobility, the Varrow Desktop Mobility Assessment (VDMA) blends priorities of the customer’s business, maturity of its IT team and functional requirements of its user population. “This process allows us to make an informed technology recommendation to drive better business outcomes.”

Initially, Varrow received pushback from the sales team about the VDMA. They expected customers to be unwilling to spend money on an assessment that takes, on average, six weeks and involves interviewing several dozen people. However, sales has been “pleasantly surprised” by customers’ receptivity to the assessment.

“Most organizations recognize the value of investing a small amount upfront to determine the best approach, rather than spending a much larger amount on a solution that might fail to meet their needs,” Heinrich said.

A thriving business in healthcare has its rewards

Varrow derives more than half of its revenues from healthcare customers – mainly large hospitals in its target geography of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

We speak the language of healthcare – HIPAA, PHI – so customers feel comfortable working with us,” said Jeremiah Cook, Varrow co-founder, managing partner and CEO.

I’m excited to see Varrow building a thriving business. Their in-depth knowledge of the healthcare arena combined with their signature prescriptive approach focusing on outcomes such as streamlined clinician workflows has helped Varrow double its Citrix business from 2013 to 2014. Another enabler has been the “explosion” of mobility, which is being facilitated by Citrix Workspace Suite licensing.

Citrix has recognized Varrow’s success and awarded them the 2014 Partner of the Year for the Southeast United States.

Success continues with Citrix Specialization

Varrow is in the process of achieving designation in all three Citrix Specialist categories – Networking, Virtualization and Mobility Management. “Gaining those badges will be tremendous,” said Cook. “Not only is specialization a great competitive differentiator, it also provides outstanding financial rewards.”

Triple specialization reinforces Varrow’s strategy of investing in the entire Citrix stack. About 30 percent of revenues come from Citrix NetScaler, and the company also does a lot of work with AppDNA.

“We have several ambitious goals – doubling our Citrix revenues again this year, expanding our customer base in the public sector and growing our new Boston office, which is targeting hospitals and enterprises. To reach those goals, we depend on our trusted and strategic relationship with Citrix,” he concluded.

Synergy is the perfect preparation for Specialist

Synergy goals, agenda and content closely align with Citrix Specialist. Partners will have the opportunity to networkwith Citrix customers looking for a best-in-class partner with proven technical skills to support their mobility transformation.

I encourage you to register for Synergy and jump start your Specialist training.

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