Citrix GoToWebinar makes it easy to host live events that reach up to 1,000 online attendees.
HubSpot is a powerful platform for attracting attendees and converting them to customers. Put the two together and you’ve got a marketing force to be reckoned with.

The HubSpot with GoToWebinar integration allows you and your customers to run successful webinars with half the effort. Simply set everything up ahead of time through HubSpot and stay focused on the event itself.

That’s not the only integration in town, either.

The Citrix SaaS Integration Marketplace has many others, including GoToTraining, ShareFile, and Podio. Want more? Citrix GoToAssist connects with the ticketing systems ZenDesk and ServiceNow to provide single-click remote support sessions from any incident.

What are Citrix SaaS Integrations?

Citrix SaaS Integrations are pre-built connections that get your tools to talk to each other. Rather than work out of two separate systems, you integrate them together to work in one. That way you can focus on getting the job done, skipping dreary, redundant steps.

3 steps to get started

The marketplace features many popular online platforms built by third-party developers that already work with Citrix SaaS solutions. They’re plug-and-play extensions — no programming needed. Here’s how you get started:

  1. Find the right app. Search the marketplace for the tools your teams rely on. Or, discover a new solution that makes sense for your business. There are apps designed for many different project types and tasks. 
  2. Sign up for the app. Click through to the integration partner’s own website, where you can register for the app if you haven’t already. Many of the integrations are free to use, but the apps themselves may require subscriptions.
  3. Install the integration. On each integration partner’s website, there are instructions for integrating the app with your Citrix SaaS solution. Follow the steps to complete the installation. Then enjoy the easier workflow.

Lead referrals available

If any of your customers currently use HubsSpot or another popular platform, be sure to let them know about the benefits of Citrix integrations – as a Citrix partner you can earn a percentage of the sale for referring GoTo product opportunities by submitting a lead.

Check out the available SaaS inegrations and start working smarter today!

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