CloudBridge products have long been the go-to solution for WAN optimization. Building on that heritage, the CloudBridge team is unveiling a new WAN virtualization offering that makes mobile work even more reliable and cost-effective.

The new CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution allows enterprises to create one logical WAN network by bonding together multiple network services and optimizing the use of each path.

This technology allows enterprises to:

  • Expand WAN bandwidth using economical and flexible cable, DSL and 4G wireless connections, instead of expensive MPLS capacity, without sacrificing reliability and quality.
  • Ensure that business critical applications always perform well, even when the underlying network paths are unreliable.
  • Add or delete bandwidth quickly versus waiting on 90-120 days for service updates.

This solution can reduce the cost of delivering mobile workspaces to local branches by up to 80%, while ensuring 100% availability for high-priority applications. Let’s look at how that works.

Inflexible WANs

Many enterprises today rely on MPLS networks for communications between the data center and remote offices. They may have some broadband paths, but because these are not as reliable as MPLS, they are used only for backup and low-priority application traffic (diagram).

This situation has several drawbacks. Adding additional MPLS capacity is very costly. Work comes to a halt if there is a problem with the main path, because it takes time to shift traffic to the backup paths. And there is a lot of wasted bandwidth on the broadband connections.

Creating one logical WAN

The Virtual WAN solution addresses these problems by creating one logical WAN out of all available paths from the data center to the remote office. Among other capabilities:

  • Application traffic is dynamically assigned to all available paths, making full use of bandwidth and improving performance.
  • High-priority applications (say, XenDesktop, XenApp, VOIP and video conferencing) are automatically assigned to the paths with the best performance and quality.
  • If any of the connections are broken, the solution performs seamless, sub-second failover to the remaining connections, with high-priority applications given the most bandwidth on the highest-performing paths.

This last feature means that users usually experience no loss of performance on critical applications even when a major connection is lost.

Increased flexibility and cost-effective expansion

The CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution allows enterprises to expand WAN capacity by adding low cost, flexible broadband connections, knowing that application quality and performance will be excellent even if some of the individual network paths are unreliable (diagram).

The bottom line

The CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution can help you:

  • Expand WAN capacity at lower cost
  • Deliver a superior user experience and high availability for XenDesktop, XenAPP and other critical applications
  • Fully utilize all network links
  • Better manage and monitor WAN performance
  • Securely connect cloud-based applications to branch offices

Find out more

To find out more, check out the updated CloudBridge web pages where you will find a white paper as well as additional details on the Virtual WAN solution.  Better yet, contact your sales representative for a demonstration.