Citrix Partner, Convergence, bonds with customers at Synergy

Citrix Synergy, May 12-14 in Orlando, Florida, is ideal for partners to learn about key market opportunities primed for mobility transformation, engage with customers in vertical markets that offer tremendous profit potential and offers an invaluable opportunity to hear directly from customers about their business and IT needs.

Many of our partners attend Synergy. Among them is Convergence Technology Consulting, who never missesa Citrix Synergy conference.

"We consider Synergy the perfect follow-on to Summit,” said Larry Letow, president and CEO.This Platinum Citrix Solution Advisor, based in Columbia, Maryland, sends up to five staff members to each Synergy event. “We consider Synergy the perfect follow-on to Summit,” said Larry Letow, president and CEO. “In January, we learn about the latest Citrix solutions, technologies and strategy at Summit. This information helps us start conversations about new products and projects prior to Synergy, and guide customers to appropriate sessions and activities at the event.”

Right after Summit, Convergence begins heavily promoting Synergy to its federal government and commercial customers. Although government restrictions on travel are a challenge, up to 10 Convergence customers typically attend. Once on site, Letow and his team concentrate on strengthening relationships. They act as conference hosts, accompanying customers to the most pertinent breakout sessions, showing them new technologies at the Solutions Expo and reinforcing conversations about proposed projects through demos, exhibits and presentations.

“We also emphasize the social aspects of Synergy, which are great for bonding with our customers,” Letow said. “We bring them to parties hosted by sponsor organizations and of course, have a great time together at the Synergy Party. The conference venue itself – always in an exciting location – also contributes to a memorable and enjoyable experience.”

Building relationships, reputation and revenues

While helping Convergence educate and interact with its customers, Synergy enhances the company’s reputation and competitive position. “Our active participation at Synergy – particularly the meetings we set up between customers and Citrix leadership – sends a strong signal to our clients that we are a top Citrix partner.”

Equally important, Synergy is an ideal place to expand existing business and find new opportunities. Letow cited two examples. “One of our customers is a large trade association that sends top “We also emphasize the social aspects of Synergy, which are great for bonding with our customers.” people to Synergy every year. They try to stay on the leading edge of Citrix technologies. At the event, they always see new solutions that get them excited – ‘Why aren’t we doing that?’ – and lead to new projects for us.”

In another case, Letow was sitting in a networking area and struck up a conversation with an attendee from a university in his region. The organization was having some issues with its existing Citrix XenApp deployment and was not currently working with a partner. Convergence was brought in to resolve the issues. In the process, the company expanded the university’s environment by implementing Citrix XenDesktop.

Letow was quick to point out that Convergence is very careful to respect other partners’ relationships with customers. “In this case, the customer was a free agent. So we took advantage of this Synergy networking opportunity to add a new client.”

Standing out from the crowd

Convergence considers Citrix its best partner and Citrix honored Convergence as Public Sector Partner of the Year for 2014 at Summit. The company also received an award from the Baltimore Sun as a top workplace for 2014.

To continue growing and diversifying its business, Convergence takes advantage of the “tremendous amount of resources” Citrix offers to its partners. But in Letow’s eyes, Synergy is special: “Synergy is where Convergence intersects the Citrix product roadmap with our clients’ technology roadmap. True collaboration among the three parties is the definition of this event.”

Deepening customer engagement

Synergy is essential for competing in today’s demanding, complex and challenging IT landscape. Attending Synergy with customers can deepen your engagement and better prepare to dive into new technology, together.

I encourage you to register for Synergy and take advantage of exploring the latest trends and innovations offered by Citrix.

I look forward to seeing you at Synergy!

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