Are You Protecting Your Citrix Remote Access With Just a Password?

A username and password are no longer enough to authenticate your users.

Weak or stolen user credentials are the preferred weapons used by hackers, and are behind approximately 76 percent of all network intrusions. Hardware token-based solutions are no longer enough to protect against modern threats and are too expensive and cumbersome for IT to administrate.

SMS PASSCODE is pioneering a new generation of more intelligent, flexible and user-centric authentication that gives you the power to balance strong security for your business with high convenience for your users.

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  • Learn the best practices for keeping your Citrix infrastructure secure
  • Understand why a password is no longer enough to secure access to corporate networks and applications
  • Learn why hardware tokens or basic two-factor authentication solutions are no longer enough to keep you safe
  • Understand how intelligent security can boost employee productivity
  • Experience how SMS PASSCODE’s Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication works with Citrix

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