Most people know Citrix for its enterprise-grade virtualization, communication and mobility technology. But Citrix also offers a breadth of products for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB) – now including Encrypted Email.

A great example of this is Citrix ShareFile, a product that addresses file sync and share needs for businesses of every size.

Now, you might be saying, “Well, sure, I know about ShareFile. What’s exciting about that?” The answer is simple: a lot. You know ShareFile, but do you really know ShareFile?

Since knowing is more than half the battle, here are seven things you might not know about ShareFile.

A decade in business for business

Though the product has evolved immensely since its inception in 2005, one thing has remained consistent: ShareFile is built for business. Business leaders and IT professionals choose ShareFile for its industry-leading security, ease of use, and user management tools.

SMB customers fall into two buckets

For business leaders in industries facing moderate-to-high regulations, they need a trustworthy and secure solution that provides the assurances necessary to avoid the high fines and embarrassment that come with violations. Those in unregulated industries have different requirements around security, but ultimately seek ease of use around collaboration and mobile access.

ShareFile has a dedicated Cloud for Healthcare data

Healthcare practitioners can easily share protected health information (PHI) stored in their electronic medical record (EMR) in encrypted emails, secure attachments and web portals to streamline their transfer of care, all while supporting HIPAA compliance.

Electronic signature is built right in

Insurance agents and brokers can easily send policies, endorsements, audits and certificates of insurance securely online, saving the cost and delay of printing and mailing. With RightSignature built directly into ShareFile, getting signatures couldn’t be more convenient.

Encrypted email and secure attachments directly within Microsoft Outlook

For attorneys and paralegals that understand the importance of maintaining the bar’s ethical standards regarding client data, ShareFile is Exhibit A. Simply adopting ShareFile’s plugin for Microsoft Outlook will drastically improve a firm’s regulatory compliance by changing how emails and attachments get handled on the backend.  Certain kinds of law find the secure web portal to be a huge improvement over sending emails, faxes and couriers.

Send and receive files as large as 10 GB

For investment advisors and broker dealers in finance, supporting their compliance with SEC and FINRA is critical. ShareFile is cost-effective and user-friendly. In just one solution, banks and credit unions get encrypted email, file drop, and a simple way to email documents up to 10 GB back and forth.

It practically pays for itself

Accountants have done the math. How many billable hours will this need to save them before it pays for itself? Three? And just not having to worry about password protecting PDFs anymore might be enough of a motivator. Even if it’s just for non-tax return clients, accountants and CPAs welcome the immense improvement in time management regarding files and e-signatures.

If you aren’t currently taking advantage of ShareFile’s rich security and user-friendly tools and mobile applications, visit today to start your free trial, or call 1-888-242-6220 to speak with a ShareFile account representative.