Citrix recently announced that it’s now a Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation. 

Given the central role that Citrix has played in the Apache CloudStack project, some who are involved with CloudStack may find this odd, or even worrisome.  I thought it was worth addressing this directly.

Citrix has been a leader in Cloud Computing technology for many years, and the pioneering role Citrix has played in CloudStack is a big part of that.

Some people mistakenly assume that CloudStack is all Citrix is doing in the Cloud Computing space. In fact, Citrix has a whole lot more to offer in that space. Specifically, both XenServer and Netscaler are used in the infrastructure of many of the world’s largest public clouds.

At Citrix we wanted to make sure we could be a part of all the important standardization efforts across the industry – and OpenStack is certainly a key effort.

With this announcement we’ll be able to make sure that we can stay a part of all the important conversations going on in the industry.  As I said at the OpenStack Silicon Valley event in September last year, I don’t believe that innovation is a zero-sum game.  Innovations happen everywhere and, as a company, we want to be involved.

Our involvement with the OpenStack community doesn’t change our day-to-day plans with the Apache CloudStack community. 

Citrix remains a leading contributor to the project and we have many, dedicated, full-time engineers who mainly focus on CloudStack – and our commercial derivative Citrix CloudPlatform.  We have hundreds of great customers who are delivering large-scale, public and private clouds with that technology.  We plan to continue to support them and help evolve the technology into the future.

As a company, we’re excited about what we can bring to all the cloud standards organizations in which we participate. By participating in projects like OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenDaylight and the Xen Project we think we can help push the state of the industry forward.