Do you use Citrix Insight Services? 

Citrix has developed tools and online analysis capabilities to help you collect environment information, analyze that information and receive tailored recommendations based on your Citrix environment and configuration.

The tools are focused on a single mission–data collection–and their impact to your environment is minimal in terms of disk space, prerequisites and performance impact during the data collection process.

Citrix Insight Services analyzes the data captured in the support bundle and provides you with Tailored Recommendations, specific to your environment. To leverage Citrix Insight Services, you’ll need to harvest a NetScaler tech support bundle.

The tech support bundle captures critical system data about the performance of the appliance, error logs and a host of other extremely important data that can be used for analysis.

To create a new tech support bundle that can be analyzed for potential issues on the appliance, simply log into NetScaler via your favorite SSH client and enter the command: > show techsupport

The tech support file will be generated and stored on the hard drive of NetScaler in the /var/tmp/support directory and the file name will start with collector_P or S

You can log into NetScaler via WinSCP and navigate to the /var/tmp/support directory to transfer the collector file to your local computer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If this appliance is part of an HA pair, make sure that you log into the SECONDARY appliance and collect a tech support bundle on it as well. Citrix Technical Support will use both support bundles to correlate issues between the HA pair.

Citrix Insight Services

Once you log in and the support bundle has been uploaded, you’ll see lots of details that you can investigate.

Citrix Insight Services Performance Graphs

Click one of the options provided under the ‘NetScaler Environment’ tab. Selecting System traffic rate and you’ll see the Average, Min and Max rates captured. You can leverage you mouse to hover over the graph and you’ll see different values presented, depending on what portion of the graph you hover over.

Detailed Performance Graphs

I’ve only shared a fraction of the details that you can find on Citrix Insight Services.

For more details about how you can leverage this excellent tool to troubleshoot a NetScaler issue, or perhaps to see the overall health of how NetScaler is performing, please review the following presentation: