We’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined the OpenStack Foundation.

While our announcement covers this news and includes support from many in our industry, I wanted to provide a little bit of additional color to better understand how Citrix is engaging with the community and the motivation behind working with the Foundation.

It’s a badly kept secret that Citrix is already deeply involved in the OpenStack market.

Some of the largest OpenStack implementations in the world already run Citrix solutions like NetScaler and XenServer, and we can continue to get a lot of pull from enterprises and service providers to continue to integrate with OpenStack. This announcement essentially formalizes a relationship that is already in place, and we’re happy to be able to engage with and contribute to the OpenStack community in a way that is more meaningful.

Citrix has always had a strong current around “anyness.”

With hundreds of thousands of customers, Citrix sells into customers who are running infrastructure from a huge variety of providers, including OpenStack. Over the years, OpenStack Foundation has turned into an important, de-facto standards body for cloud and networking infrastructure. Citrix has a strong interest in making sure that the broad portfolio of solutions work well with OpenStack as well as any number of other standards compliant products out there, joining the Foundation allows us a more direct dialog with the community to ensure that we deliver the right integrations for our customers.

As evidenced by our partner and customer response so far, the reaction to this move has been overwhelmingly positive. This is a win for the community, customers, and Citrix itself, and we’re looking forward to a deep and positive engagement with the OpenStack community and partners over the coming years.