Now live! The Citrix XenApp migration web service betaCitrix partners, re-engage with your XenApp customers with the beta release of the XenApp migration web serviceProject Serenity, now LIVE!

Designed to simplify the XenApp migration experience, Project Serenity is an easy-to-use web service you can use to help your existing XenApp 6 or 6.5 customers extract their current farm configurations (settings and policies) and select the specific configurations they would like to import into a new XenApp 7.6 site using their MyAccount credentials.

A web-based XenApp migration service enables your customers to choose their own pace — all at once or gradually – to move their existing XenApp policies and settings and take advantage of the latest features such as session pre-launch and lingering.

Citrix partners, check out the beta site and start expediting your customer XenApp migrations today.

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