I can remember the first time I interacted with my “end-users.”  

I was working on a shampoo brand as a marketing intern for a large cosmetics company in Manhattan. I brought one of our poorer-selling bottles with me to the bank (yes, we actually had to go to the bank at lunch time and talk to people, can you imagine?) and asked people in line what they thought of the bottle of shampoo. Observing their facial expressions and reactions was priceless. They didn’t like it, that much was crystal clear.

I walked right back into the Brand Manager’s office and said, “We need to repackage this thing. Customers find the color repulsive and think it looks like  (non-repeatable word insert here).” It was an incredibly powerful teaching moment for me to understand that the only way to truly know your customers is to look them in the eyes.

Now that I’m working in technology, I can tell you I miss the days when improving a product experience was as simple as changing the packaging. 

Thanks to the consumerization of IT, the demands and expectations of today’s IT End-Users (or customers) are at an all time high. At times, they’re downright laughable. How many of us get frustrated when our mobile phones don’t return a search within seconds … while standing on top of some mountain or trekking through the Amazon? If you think I’m kidding, just watch comedian Louis CK on Conan (Hint: skip to 1:30 for the best laugh). And it’s all true.

Now, those expectations are seeping into the work experience and pushing IT to deliver consumer-like experiences and services.  As a result, we have heard from you that you want to deliver a better end user experience but don’t know where to start.

I am delighted to bring back our highly successful “Taste” of End-User Design Workshop (which was one of the highest scoring workshops from our Summit conference in January). Why was it so successful? Because this highly interactive session gives our IT leaders an understanding of how to apply Customer Experience methodology to better know their end users and unearth key experiences to focus on while keeping key business objectives in mind.

You can choose between two 90-minute end-user design  workshops being held at Synergy 2015. Be sure to register and grab a seat, seating is limited to 100 people per session and we are already seeing great demand.

It’s all about the experience. End-users are looking for a great experience from IT and IT wants to deliver one.

Come and join us to see how to apply a powerful, repeatable methodology with your end-users.