Have you been tasked with deploying WorxMail to your end users?
Are you running into communication / sync issues?
Does the world seem to stop when email is not working for your end users?

Don’t panic! I will be covering these topics and more at Synergy 2015!

Join me in session SYN403: Troubleshooting common issues with XenMobile WorxMail to go over:

  1. WorxMail communication flows – How WorxMail communicates with mail servers, including in detail explanation on how we utilize STA tickets to provide the best performance.
  2. How to configure WorxMail MDX policies – Learn the ins and outs of WorxMail specific MDX policies, including a deep dive of how each policy affects the communication flow and first time user configuration
  3. Troubleshooting steps and tools – You don’t need to be an Exchange expert to troubleshoot WorxMail, but there are some key server-side tools and protocols that you should be familiar with to troubleshoot ActiveSync.

After this presentation, you should be ready to deploy WorxMail with minimal effort. But, if you do run into an issue, you’ll be able to narrow down the source of the issue, gather the tools and logs necessary, and come to a resolution FAST!

I hope to see you at Synergy 2015!

Juan Zevallos is a Senior Escalation Engineer with the XenMobile North America team and has been involved with content development of the Citrix XenMobile certification exam as a Subject Matter Expert.

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