So, you finished installing and configuring your new XenDesktop/XenApp 7 environment. Congratulations!
You have a few desktops running in the test lab. Everything is running smoothly. All is right with the world.

Then … you get the email from your boss. “He wants what???”
500 Desktops ready for tomorrow morning!

Before you pass out, let me introduce you to the PVS Wizards.

The XenDesktop Setup Wizard and the Stream VM Setup Wizard will help accelerate and automate the deployment of hundreds or thousands of virtual machines in no time.

Join me in session SYN412 / Faster deployments: XenDesktop Setup Wizard and the Streamed VM Setup Wizard at Synergy 2015 to learn how to leverage these wizards to meet that critical deployment deadline.

But what really goes on “Under the Hood” in response to all those clicks to Next, Next, Next & Finish? Especially when something goes wrong and you need to know: what did that last click actually do?

I’ll share inside information on the inner workings of the Wizards. You will learn about the interaction between the Wizards, XenDesktop, Active Directory and Hypervisors. Gain valuable troubleshooting knowledge to help you solve common issues and avoid others.

If you have used these wizards and experienced a specific issue with the XenDesktop Setup Wizard or the Stream VM Setup Wizard, let me know and I might discuss it in the session as a case study.

I hope to see you all at Synergy!

Raul Davila is an Escalation Engineer with the Provisioning Services North America team. He has over 10 years of experience managing and troubleshooting complex IT environments across multiple operating systems. Raul has held positions as Front-line engineer, Lead engineer and Escalation engineer in the Technical Support team.

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