Citrix Specializations offer Citrix Solution Advisors a new path to success. Advantages run the gamut from financial rewards to exclusive practice development content and stronger engagement with Citrix Sales.
Stringent requirements ensure best of breed partners are recognized and endorsed by Citrix. Acquiring the latest certifications illustrates proven technical knowledge and completing a case study practicum demonstrates hands-on competency.

Knowledge + skills are better together

When pursuing requirements for Specialization, a winning combination is certifications and a completed practicum. These complement each other–making them better together–by attesting to the know-how and skills needed to drive successful technical implementations and customer satisfaction.

  • Certificates. These are the baseline prerequisites for Citrix Specialist. Partners must have three or more employees who hold the latest Citrix certifications in the target technical area (numbers vary by country).
  • Practicum. Register to complete the practicum exam once all other requirements are met.  The practicum, which simulates a Citrix engagement, presents a case study statement of work to be completed in a virtual lab environment.

5 Tips to accelerate both requirements

  1. Review the Citrix Specialist competencies and select the technology area you want to focus on
  2. Find out your current certification status by using the Specialist Progress Manager Tool. Many partners uncover that they are actually very close to having all the required certifications needed in a particular specialist competency and only need to focus on the other requirements.
  3. Based on your selection, immediately contact your distributor to purchase a voucher code for the Citrix Specialist Practicum – don’t wait! A practicum voucher can be purchased at any time; if you know that you have the required number of certifications for any particular competency, we recommend you purchase the voucher early to avoid peak request times. Remember that the individual who is selected from your organization to take the practicum must also be certified in the technology area for the practicum to count towards achieving specialist status.
  4. If needed, schedule and pass any missing certification exams. Double-check to ensure that you have the correct certification for the selected competency you are looking to pursue. We require the highest level certification within each technology area, so allow enough time to prepare and pass.
  5. After scheduling your certification exam, register early for an upcoming practicum (the ideal registrant should already be certified in the technology area). Early adopters agree that the practicum closely mirrors real-world scenarios and is a unique blend that requires experience and expertise.

Citrix Specialist requirements are challenging enough to ensure that only best-of-breed partners with demonstrated success in real-world customer projects will earn the designation. Citrix delivers strong ROI for partners that earn Specialist status and these partners can benefit from increased customer acquisition and gain greater profitability.

Learn about the requirements and benefits by visiting Citrix Specialist and view the new Citrix Partner Incentives deck. As you meet the requirements, track your progress towards your specialization through the Specialist Progress Manager tool.

Step up to Specialist: I strongly encourage partners to start your specialization journey today. If you are currently a Citrix partner, visit Citrix Specialist on Citrix Partner Central for more details. If you not already a member of the Citrix Partner Network, become a partner and grow with us!
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