Report provided by:

Wilco van Bragt
Stuurgroep / Steering Group
Dutch Citrix User Group – DUCUG

On March 6 the Dutch Citrix User Group (DuCUG) organized the first meeting of 2015, the seventh in total. The event was held at Dell HQ in Amsterdam, on behalf of our attendees, we’d like to thank Dell for having us.

The event was opened by the steering group Chairman, Jon Jager, who began by thanking our sponsors. Without them, it’s impossible to organize such an event for free.

The Customer Case was the first presentation of the day and was provided by Jits Langendijk with the title “Setting up a Shared Service Center.” In the presentation, Jits walked us through the entire project, including all challenges and scope changes. The main take-away was that in such a project, the limiting factor is likely not technical in nature.

Citrix SE, Ingmar Verheij was our second speaker discussing  the public announcements made during Citrix Summit. Ingmar started with the acquisition of Octublu. Next, the Receiver X1/StoreFront X1 were mentioned in detail including a demo of the possibilities of this upcoming version (in Tech Preview at this moment). Ingmar continued with the upcoming enhancements in XenApp/XenDesktop. Ingmar also touched on departmental layering and Desktop Player for Windows. The session ended with the announcements around Workspace POD and the corresponding acquisition of Sanbolic.

The third presentation was titled “Why We Don’t Need Citrix Support (at All Times)” presented by Bas van Kaam. Bas started describing the steps of the troubleshooting process, followed by tips and tricks to solve issues. Next Bas continued with explaining several tools like Studio, Director, Scout and Insight Services provided by Citrix to investigate the Citrix infrastructure.

After an excellent lunch, it was time for the first Create Your Own Session (CYOS) session.

Robin Hobo presented the session “XenMobile 10: What’s New and How to Set-Up.” In this session, Robin started with mentioning the enhancements and new options of XenMobile 10. Next, he discussed the installation and configuration steps of the product. Robin also touched on the differences between XenMobile 9 and 10, both on an infrastructure level as system administration.

Our first foreign speaker, Jim Moyle (Citrix CTP), was next, with the presentation “PVS Cache to RAM with Overflow to Disk Analysis.” The session started with mentioning the available cache types and their characteristics. The focus was on Cache in Device RAM with overflow to disk. Next, Jim discussed his performance test executed with Cache in Device RAM with overflow to disk. The results showed that the performance is degraded when PVS is spilling data on disk, where the performance is less than the disk offers directly. The cache type should be used when enough memory is available. Jim advises to use quick storage if it’s available within the infrastructure.

The second CYOS session was by Bader el Khalifi. The presentation was titled “PVS Made Simple.” Bader started with the possibilities where PVS could be set-up more simplistically . For several components Bader explained how he set those up. As some were a bit controversial, a good discussion started during the presentation.

The last presentation of the day was by Helge Klein (Citrix CTP) with the presentation “How Folder Redirection Impacts User Experience and Breaks Applications.” The presentation started with the theory about accessing files and folders and ways to set-up Folder Redirection. Helge continued his session with discussing the test results. This was done by showing the actual user session performance and showing the measurements in graphs.

Geek Speak Live was the last session of the day. Barry Schiffer and Kees Baggerman led the Geek Speak session with the theme “Does the Citrix Product Stack Offer Everything I Need?” Several techniques like profile management, monitoring, hypervisor and storage were discussed with the audience.

Networking is an important part of the DuCUG event.
During the closing drink, attendees were discussing the day, exchange the latest information and connecting with each other.