Premier 100 IT Leaders Awards honor individuals who have had a positive impact on their organizations through the use of technology.

Honored individuals manage internal IT organizations, mentor and motivate their IT teams with interesting challenges, envision innovative solutions to business problems and effectively manage and execute IT strategies.

Chris Lin, Vice President of IT Infrastructure at Autodesk, was credited with his work on Enterprise Cloud Services, powered by Citrix CloudPlatform, and a focus on improving the volume, speed and quality of its R&D and product delivery cycle.  Suzy Mann, Manager of Workplace Service Delivery at Westpac, was recognized for her success with IBM on Westpac’s virtualized desktop service, which was delivered to 15,000 users and powered by Citrix. The success of the Citrix/IBM solution at Westpac helped IBM with the 2014 Innovation Award for Partners.

The Computerworld rankings are judged against a highly-detailed, 12-page questionnaire. Computerworld calls upon a 100-person-strong advisory board to arrive at the final list. Citrix solutions played a significant part in each of nominations.

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Chris Lin, VP IT infrastructure at Autodesk and Suzy Mann, Manager of Workplace Service Delivery at Westpac have both been included in 2015’s Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders honoree list. The pair’s inclusion reflects well on the foresight of the Citrix Innovation Awards; Autodesk and Westpac were winners that same year.