In a changing world …

We accept that Innovation is not a destination, it’s something toward which we’re ever-headed. It is relentless. Innovation doesn’t stand still. Ideas that business considered innovative in 2006 are now part of everyday life. Business management has an insatiable appetite to accept and codify innovation.

So, what might we consider innovative in 2015? What is the innovation framework in which we’re operating?

Let’s start with one big theme: mobility.

“For your business to be successful, you need to make the people in the business productive and successful,” says Catherine Courage, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Citrix, speaking to Forbes. “Today there’s no doubt that a huge aspect of empowering that is the mobility of employees.”

In that respect, innovation in mobility may mean examples of an enterprise delivering great work across different spaces and places, with employees using different devices and applications, many of which they bring to the workplace.

This leads us to Courage’s next big trend: Don’t own stuff (DOS).

“Employees, especially younger employees, don’t want your black box laptop,” she says. “They want to bring the cool device that they use and they know.”

This may lead to all sorts of challenges for the IT team, though Courage says IT support needn’t be one of them: “We’ve found support calls go down because people know how to use these devices. They’re really familiar with them, and they know how to troubleshoot them. When you DOS, employees don’t need to rely on you as much, and as an IT organization, you remove the headache and cost of managing IT-issued devices.”

Which tools and practices will CIOs and their IT organizations adopt to meet these challenges? In February, eWeek posted its 10 Ways Workspaces Will Evolve During the Next 12 Monthscreated from Citrix insight. It’s possible this year’s winner is already making headway on these issues.

Right now, all we can be certain of is that change is constant.

Here’s to the next 10 years of the Citrix Innovation Award.
Join us as we embrace change. Let’s make the journey together.