Top five reasons to take your customers to Citrix Synergy 2015

Citrix Synergy 2015, in Orlando May 12–14, will be a deep dive into new technology along with intensive networking and training.

Consider the top five ways that sharing the experience of Synergy with your customers can drive more meaningful engagements:

1. Customers see Citrix vision in action. The software-defined workplace is shaping the future of how IT services are delivered, managed and consumed. It’s an exciting concept to illustrate—and to share with customers the promise that mobility offers for their people and businesses.

2. Customers are more receptive to your solutions and services. When your customers see the technology on display at the Solutions Expo and The Citrix Booth Experience—especially the BYOD wireless demo that delivers a Citrix desktop to their personal devices—they’ll seek your advice on integrated, end-to-end mobility solutions.

3. Synergy shoulders part of your customer education. An educated customer makes your job easier: let the intensive training at Synergy do its part. The more knowledgeable customers become, the more productively you can talk about how Citrix mobile workspace solutions fit into the larger picture of the software-defined workplace.

4. Customer networking with peers can reinforce your advice. Citrix customers in healthcare, education, financial services and government will be sharing best practices and use cases in Birds of a Feather roundtables and Lunch Table Tech Chats, and exclusive networking events further the conversation, yielding positive feedback that can even accelerate a sale.

5. Socializing with customers outside your usual context. Spark a different type of connection with your customers and build deeper, more enduring relationships. People enjoy doing business with friends—the Welcome Reception and the Final Night Party at Universal Studios Florida offer plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation that will become part of your shared history.

There are plenty of great deals for you and your customers, including the Early Bird rate for customers who register before March 2. Visit the pricing page for details on all current promotions—including offers that will help you attend Synergy at a discounted rate, or even free. Learn more.

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