Congratulations to all who completed the Mobility pop quiz from Citrix Education.

This concludes the Citrix Education 3-part quiz series focused on Virtualization, Networking, and most recently, Mobility. All participants received 15% off a Citrix Education eLearning course, and we selected two winners from each quiz to receive a FREE Citrix Education eLearning course.

Over 1,000 participants joined us on the Citrix Education Facebook page to test their knowledge, but without further ado, here are the results:

Results From the Citrix Education Mobility Quiz

Question 1: In what table are most device policies stored? (Policies)

a. Provisioning

b. Tunnel

c. Registry

Question 2: What is the centerpiece of the Remote Notifications feature? (Device enrollment)

a. XenMobile Server

b. WorxHome for iOS


d. WorxHome for Android

e. Auto-discover

Question 3: APNS is the acronym for Apple Push Notification Services (Device enrollment)

a. True

B. False

Question 4: What is the client component required for mobile devices to enroll with XenMobile server?

a. Windows phone

b. Citrix Receiver

c. WorxHome


Note: We apologize for not being more specific in this question, as Windows phones do not need WorxHome; this question was tailored to Android devices or iPhones.

Question 5: What remote database infrastructure is supported for XenMobile Server 10?

a. Oracle database

b. Microsoft SQL Express

c. PostgreSQL

d. Microsoft SQL

Question 6: You’ve run through the initial configuration of XenMobile server, but missed installing the APNS certification. Where can you upload this certificate with the XMS console?

a. By navigating to the Config tab, selecting “Settings,” and then selecting “Certificates.”

b. By navigating to the Manage tab, selecting “Settings,” and then selecting “Certificates.”

c. By re-running the XenMobile Server initial configuration

Question 7: Which types of devices are supported in XenMobile 10?

a. iOS8

b. Android 5

c. All of the above

d. None of the above

Question 8: Your organization requires secure document sharing, syncing, and editing. Which XenMobile edition is best for you?

a. XenMobile MDM edition

b. XenMobile Advanced edition

c. XenMobile Enterprise edition

d. No XenMobile edition will facilitate this need

Question 9: Which component of XenMobile will allow for pushing notifications to the iOS devices for configuration and policy updates?


b. XenMobile Server

c. NetScaler Gateway

d. Citrix Licensing Server

Question 10: Which is not a benefit of application rationalization?

a. Improving hardware application

b. Driving efficiency for test, patch, and upgrade processes

c. Ensuring users have the necessary applications on their mobile devices

d. Reducing the overall maintenance and support cased for the application portfolio

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