Citrix has done it again.

Yep! It’s time to add a new mobility acronym to your vocabulary: MTM (Mobile Time Management). Welcome WorxTasks to the family of Worx Mobile Apps. WorxTasks is a new enterprise mobile app that allows users to manage their tasks from Microsoft Outlook on their mobile devices. In other words, it’s secure mobile time management redefined for mobile application security. The tech preview for WorxTasks is available for download today.

WorxTasks enables organization to deliver on the promise of complete mobile security with a new app that syncs with our secure mobile email appWorxMail and Microsoft Exchange for Android and iOS users so that tasks, flagged messages, and categories created in those mail programs appear in WorxTasks. Users can also create tasks within the app itself. You can configure WorxTasks to be pushed to users’ devices automatically when the devices enroll in Worx Home, or users can add the app from the Worx Store.

As part of the Worx family of enterprise mobile apps, WorxTasks benefits from single sign-on compatibility with Worx Home. Once users sign on to Worx Home, they can move seamlessly into WorxTasks without having to re-enter their user names and passwords.

WorxTasks Tech Preview for Apple iPhone and Android Phone is available for download for XenMobile Advanced Editions (previously App Edition) and Enterprise Edition customers.

We look forward to your feedback.

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