Ready to learn?  One of the most popular attractions at Citrix Synergy is the excellent learning opportunity.  Instructor-led Learning Labs provide an in-depth technical learning experience in a small group setting.  Our experts, from around the world, include Engineers, Consultants, Support Readiness Specialist and Technical Specialist!   This year, our Instructor-led Learning Labs, now a pre-event workshop, will take place on Sunday, May 10 and Monday, May 11.  The workshop package is only $99 with your Synergy registration, and includes up to 3 labs plus a Learning Lab Happy Hour on Sunday night.

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At Citrix Synergy 2015 learning labs topics cover Mobility, Virtualization, Networking, Cloud, Workspace Cloud and Workspace Pod.

Lets Meet Some of Our Experts

Name: Adolfo Montoya
Position: Lead Support Readiness Specialist
Labs: 607-Troubleshooting Methodology and Strategies for XenMobile
Years experience: 10
Certifications: CCP-M, CCE-V
Top tip: “The only source of knowledge is experience.” (Albert Einstein)
While not working:  Adolfo travels around the world, enjoys great food and likes trance/house music.

Name: Mark Howell
Position: Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
Labs: 617-Delivering an End-to-End Encrypted File Sync and Sharing Solution with ShareFile Enterprise
Years experience: 6
Certifications: CCE-AD, CCP-Mobility
Top tip: In this industry never rest on your laurels, things change to quickly.
While not working: Mark spends time with his 8-month old son, studying for his MBA and playing golf.

Name: Angel Soto
Position: Principal Technology Specialist
Labs: 615-Advanced XenMobile ActiveSync Filtering and Best Practices
Years experience: 10+
Certifications: CCSP, CCP – Mobility
Top tip: Embrace change
While not working: Angel keeps up with mobility trends, landscaping projects, and road-cycling.
Name: Johnathan Campos
Position: Senior Technical Specialist
Labs: 606-Improving Microsoft Exchange 2013 performance with NetScaler and 609-Implementing WAN optimization and Cloud Connectivity with CloudBridge 7.3
Years experience: 10
Certifications: CCA-Networking, CCNA Route + Switch, MCITP, MCSA
Top tip: Don’t just know what a /24 is, know why a /24 is.
While not working: Jonathan spends time with his family and likes to work on his car.

Name: Christopher Rudolph
Position: Technical Specialist
Labs:610-Front-Ending and Load-Balancing XenDesktop and StoreFront with NetScaler and 611-NetScaler is the Gatekeeper. Become the Keymaster.
Years experience: 3
Certifications: CCP – Networking, CCA – NetScaler 10, CCA – Access Gateway 9
Top tip: When all else fails… reboot.
While not working: Chris watches classic TV shows with his wife and volunteers for the Dachshund rescue.
Name: James Hsu
Position: Senior Technology Architect
Labs: 619-First look at the next generation of  Citrix StoreFront Project X1
Years experience: 18+
Certifications: Certified Master Citrix Instructor
While not working: James runs around with his 3 kids and tries to keep up with his Internet savvy digital kids.

Name: Frank Martinez
Position: Technical Specialist
Labs: 612-Fundamentals of a XenMobile Enterprise Solution
Years experience: 12
Certifications: CCP-Mobility, MCSE, MCITP, CISSP, CEH, ECSA, LPT, ITILv3
Top tip: “Check in frequently on Citrix’s Mobility page.  XenMobile is evolving quickly, and that’s your best source for all things Citrix Mobility.
While not working: Frank spends time acquiring, breaking, and fixing gadgets.

Name: Kim Ferrie
Position: Lead Readiness Specialist
Labs: 608-Advanced Configuration of XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 using the PowerShell SDK
Years experience: 16+
Certifications: CCEE; CCI
Top tip: PowerShell is an FMA BFF.
While not working: Kim kick-boxes, runs and coaches her daughters’ soccer teams.

Name: Brian Tannous
Position: Technical Readiness Consultant, Cloud Networking
Labs: 604-Automating NetScaler deployments and monitoring using the NetScaler 10.5 NITRO API
Years experience: 2
Certifications: Microsoft MCITP, Citrix CCEE, Citrix CCP Networking
Top tip: Remember to set the content-type!
While not working: Brian is an Android Developer and loves doing anything outdoors.
Name: Evin Safdia
Position: Senior Technical Specialist
Labs: 601-Upgrading Legacy XenApp to the New XenApp 7.6 and 613-Managing and supporting your XenApp & XenDesktop environment with Director
Years experience: 6
Certifications: CCE-V, CCIA, CCA-N, MCITP, MCTS, MCSA
Top tip: Snapshots or checkpoints are your friend!
While not working: Evin spends time with his wife and twin four year olds, and modifies his MK7 VW GTI.

Name: Mike Palmer
Position: Lead Technical Specialist
Labs: 602-New Features of XenApp 7.6 and 623-Using the new Citrix Workspace Cloud’s Lifecycle Management service to Deploy and Manage Citrix Infrastructure
Years experience: 10
Certifications: CCE-V
Top tip: Remember to set the content-type!
While not working:  Mike is an avid photographer.

Name:Joshua Travers
Position: Technical Specialist Cloud Networking
Labs:616-Accelerate your NetScaler skills
Years experience: 10+
Certifications: CCE-V, CCIA, CCA-N, MCITP, MCTS, MCSA
While not working: Joshua plays golf in the summer and hockey in the winter.

Name: Andy Baker
Position: Technical Readiness Consultant, Cloud Networking
Labs: 622-XenApp and XenDesktop Design Workshop
Years experience: 15
Certifications: CCIA
Top tip: Read the Virtual Desktop Handbook!
While not working:  Andy travels and chases after his 10 month old.
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Name: Tony Sanchez
Position: Principle Solutions Architect
Labs: 618-Accelerate your cloud architecture by deploying XenDesktop, XenApp, and NetScaler in Microsoft Azure
Years experience: 15
Certifications: MS, Citrix
Top tip: The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
While not working: Tony travels and scuba dives.

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