We recently introduced support for CloudPlatform diagnostic bundles in Citrix Insight Services (http://cis.citrix.com).  These are ZIP files generated within the product using the Cloud Bugtool utility.

CitrixTV Video: How to Collect CloudPlatform Data and Analyze it with Citrix Insight Services

Here are some sample screenshots of a CloudPlatform bundle analysis



Diagnostic plug-in firing to alert the admin of an issue that was found)



(Host Information Content Plug-in)


(Environment Content Plug-in)

I encourage all CloudPlatform admins to regularly upload their bundle files to our platform.  With several valuable diagnostic and content plug-ins already available (and more on the way) you’ll immediately realize the value from this service.

As always, we like hearing from our users directly.  Tell us what’s working, what we can improve on and how we can best continue to evolve the offering by clicking the “Feedback” link at the bottom of our site at http://cis.citrix.com.

Until next time, keep those uploads coming…


Allen Furmanski
Product Manager
Citrix Product Insights and Analytics