Citrix Convoi was recently updated!

If you haven’t gotten a business line on your iPhone, get one today!

  • Now, when someone calls you on your Convoi number, your iPhone can ring differently. You will always know when you’re getting a work call vs a personal call. (This was the #1 request just after launch. Few weeks later, it’s out.)
  • In-App Support Chat – instant customer engagement! Try it!
  • Contacts now appear exactly as you would expect them to mimicking the native UI you’re used to. Go on – Call or text someone now.
  • Location is displayed for incoming and missed calls.
  • Bigger font sizes are now possible.
  • Be sure to check out and share our

Recent Customer Quotes

“Thank you for such a great service, within minutes of activating my US number I was having US clients call me.” -Gary in Canada

 “Best app on my phone-Period.” –Chris on Twitter

 “The UI is very good looking and use case is exactly what I was looking for my business!” -Marie

 “I told all my friends and business associates about your app it’s great.” -Kazhily

 “I am a family nurse practitioner — I don’t work in a clinic, I am mobile. Unfortunately, nurses and families have gotten way too comfortable contacting me on my personal cell. The issue with other apps that we looked into is that my nurses all text me – they are my eyes when I’m not there and I often need pictures of patient problems which means something like google voice wouldn’t work.  Found Convoi and it is perfect because of voice, text and picture messaging. That is probably more than you wanted to know. 🙂  Thanks for Convoi – I think it is so well designed and useful.” -Amber

What’s Next:

Citrix Convoi is coming to Android. Beta is coming soon. Be sure you’re on the wait list at: