LPS Integration leads as one of the first Citrix SpecialistsAs soon as Citrix Specializations were launched at Summit, LPS Integration was off and running.

‘We’ve been waiting a long time for something like Citrix Specializations,” said Patrick Coble, Citrix director for LPS. “We hoped for a demanding path to demonstrate partners’ technical competencies, similar to Cisco’s well-respected CCIE Labs. Now that Citrix Specializations are available, we’re going all out, completing each requirement as quickly as possible.”

LPS has earned Specialist designation in the Networking for Apps & Mobile Security competency, and is on track to add Virtualization and Mobility Management very soon. The company is eagerly awaiting availability of the Networking for Data Center requirements to complete its full sweep of all competency areas.

Rafael Garzon, Citrix Americas channel chief, said, “We are extremely happy to recognize LPS for completing the requirements so quickly to become the first partner to attain Specialist designation in Networking for Apps & Mobile Security.”

Proof Is In The Practicum

According to Coble, the practicum exam – the final requirement for a competency – is the truest test of technical proficiency.

“This is not a multiple-choice test you can pass by Googling the answers. You have to have actual experience installing the solution. Also, it demonstrates to customers that the Citrix Specialist is capable of deploying the technology, not just serving as an advisor.”

He added, “We’re happy the requirements are tough. LPS wants a high bar for specializations because this achievement helps us stand out from the competition.”

Support For Business Goals

LPS expects its success in meeting the challenges of Citrix Specialist will help the company achieve important objectives.

First, Coble noted, the promotions offered have “reignited” the  sales force by giving them a price advantage and putting more money in their pockets.

For the company, ROI will be fast, thanks to additional financial rewards: LPS expects to recoup the costs of Specialist designation with a single deal.

Second, networking competency will help drive customers to choose LPS over competitors for NetScaler, App Controller and XenMobile deployments.

Finally, Coble said specialization will strengthen its partnership with Citrix by demonstrating LPS’ ongoing investment in technical proficiency.

Garzon echoed this point: “The achievement of Citrix Specialist partners is recognized and highlighted by Citrix. They have taken their technical skills to the top.”

3 Tips For Other Partners on the Citrix Specialist Journey

As an early adopter of the Citrix Specialist path, LPS has some practical advice:

1. The three e-learning courses are very valuable, particularly the Citrix Consulting methodology, which is great background for the practicum.

2. Partners can post unlimited customer validations, not just the required three.

3. Results can take time to appear in Specialist Progress Manager (up to 48 hours for certifications and up to 15 days for the practicum exam).

By completing requirements for all four competencies ahead of the pack, LPS aims to be named Citrix Partner of the Year for 2015 and continue to lead in its region of the Southeast United States.

Kudos to two more Specialists

Many Citrix partners have begun their journey to specialization. Congratulations to two companies that, like LPS Integration, have already achieved designation:

Hogan Consulting Group, Inc. – Specialist in Mobility Management
Advantec Global Services – Specialist in Networking for Apps & Mobile Security and Specialist in Mobility Management

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