If you are looking for ways to expand sales and increase revenue without investing additional resources towards products and people, joining a referral program is the ideal solution.  You can quickly expand your business with little effort.  You don’t need to be a product expert or handle the sales process. All you have to do is recommend your favorite business solutions to your customers.  It’s a win-win as you are able to help your customers and get paid for doing so.  You can increase your earnings in just a few minutes of conversation with your customers.

Cloud computing has given rise to many new revenue models, and one of the newest is Referrals as a Service (RaaS). As a trusted advisor to your customers, you are already in the ideal position to improve revenue by adding Referrals as a Service to your current business. Best of all, it generates income with little effort on your part and will continue to grow over time. You don’t have to be in the technology industry to benefit from this add-on to your existing business. It works in any industry for any business.

How an Adjacent Referral as a Service Business Works

Usually in a Referrals as a Service program, you don’t do any active selling. Your job is simply to uncover potential leads. When you sign up with a referral program, the referral partner provides you with marketing materials for distribution and code to embed on your website. This content has your unique referrer ID embedded in it.

When you meet with your existing customers or new prospects, you simply ask a few additional questions about their need for the product or service you have teamed up with. If the prospect expresses an interest, just give them the materials or send them to your unique link. When the lead comes in to your partner, they know right away that the lead came from you. Their sales team swings into action to close the deal.

When they make the sale, you earn a commission. The more referrals you make, the more passive income you generate. It’s an easy way expand into an adjacent business and to earn more income from the activities you’re already doing with customers.

How Referrals as a Service Works with Your Existing Business

It’s really simple to add a referral program to your existing business. You can start generating income just by asking your customer a few additional questions during a sales call or by having a display ad on your website. You can even have handouts on the reception desk in your lobby.

Joining a referral program doesn’t add overhead or expense to your existing business. There’s no investment and no learning curve. You don’t have to add headcount or buy new equipment. Usually, joining a referral program is as simple as signing up. There are no limits on the number of referral programs you can join, so you can continue to expand your business into adjacent areas, earning more and more passive revenue with each expansion.

The Citrix Referral Program

Citrix runs one of the best Referrals as a Service programs available. The mobility apps division, which markets such industry-leading, cloud-based products as GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, GoToAssist, GoToTraining and ShareFile, makes it simple to sign up as a referral partner. Once you register, they provide you with the marketing materials to start generating referrals.

Citrix handles the entire sales process and pays your commissions when the deal closes. You can earn commission on individual product licenses or for large enterprise deals. Commissions vary based on the product and the size of the deal. You can even continue earning revenue from the same referrals in future years, because the Citrix referral partner program pays commission when customers renew their agreements annually. Unlike some other referral partner programs, the Citrix program requires no upfront investment or membership fees.

If you’re interested in starting an adjacent Referrals as a Service business to increase your revenue, click here to sign up for the Citrix program today. The form is simple, and the team will review your application right away. Once you’re accepted into the program, you can start earning passive income with your very first referral.