Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendors deliver solutions within two distinct areas of product development.  Client side components comprise the front-end and while server side components comprise the back-end. The Citrix XenMobile solution strategy is largely focused on leading the industry in client side innovation while delivering a user experience that centers around business features and functionality.  Business in the front.

Here Are a Few Examples:

  • Citrix was the first EMM vendor to develop a family of integrated productivity apps in-house with the Worx Apps family of integrated productivity applications.
  • Citrix was the first EMM vendor to create an ISV partner eco-system for wrapped third party applications with Worx Gallery.
  • Citrix was the first vendor to introduce secure web conference and calendar integration with one touch access to GoToMeeting, WebEx and Lync meetings.
  • Citrix was the first vendor to introduce a containerized note taking application (WorxNotes) that is fully integrated with an existing suite of productivity applications as well as Outlook.

Citrix leadership in the area of EMM came from the realization that business users on mobile devices want a native-like experience but require business and desktop-like features in order to be fully productive while on the move.  The latest release of XenMobile Worx Apps and the MDX Toolkit build upon this premise with numerous enhancements developed with the mobile power user in mind.

Key Highlights of the Latest Release include:

  • WorxTasks Tech Preview – Integrated with Outlook Tasks, WorxTasks allows the user to track, manage and edit  “To do” lists from a mobile device. (Available for iOS and Android).

  • Calendar Quick View and Weekly Calendar View – Calendar Quick View is a workflow improvement that allows the mobile user to easily manage meeting requests.  When meeting requests arrive via WorxMail, WorxMail will automatically tell the user if they are available (Available will be highlighted in green) or unavailable (Unavailable will be highlighted in red).  If the user is unavailable they can click on the “Availability” tab which automatically launches a calendar window without navigating away from the mail message.
  • Zip File support – Support for Zip File attachments with WorxMail and the ability to save files either locally on the device (via WorxEdit) or to a ShareFile storage directory.
  • S/MIME – Enhanced security for digitally signed and encrypted email between client and server.

These new features and enhancements are currently available to XenMobile customers on the customer download page.  Current customers will also be able to download a Tech Preview version of WorxTasks with their Citrix ID.

For a more detailed list of new XenMobile Worx Apps and MDX Tool Kit features and capabilities please visit:

“What’s New” on XenMobile eDocs and click on the WorxMobile Apps and MDX Toolkit tabs.