One of my favorite foods is Chicago deep-dish pizza. Every time I end up in Chicago, I try to hit up one of the great deep dish pizza places (Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East, Giordano’s, etc).

Unfortunately, I can’t get to Chicago as often as I want a thick slice of pizza.  So, I’ve tried to make my own. Most of my attempts were edible.  But, after a few tries, I’ve finally achieved success (I had to make it slightly healthier as I tend to cook one of these quite often).  Let’s just say it tastes good to me, but no one else in my house will eat it, which means more for me!!!

Although it was fun to experiment and come up with my own recipe, I really wish I could have started out with a proven recipe. I tried many different combinations, but it just didn’t taste right. It wasn’t what I needed.

And this problem doesn’t just happen in the kitchen, it happens in the data center. I’ve received more emails than I care to count asking about how best to integrate Office 365 with XenApp. This usually happens because the admin already setup a XenApp server, installed Office 365 ProPlus and ran into user issues, like a poor Outlook, OneDrive for Business or Lync experience

As I was about to kick off this project, I found out Kurt Moody was about to do the same. The smart thing would have been for us to work together and that is exactly what we did!

  1. First, Kurt and I have a combined 35 years at Citrix and we’ve never worked on a project together (What gives?)
  2. Second, even though we did this project in the middle of winter, I had warmer weather in Minneapolis than he did in North Carolina
  3. Third, we actually learned quite a few things about an Office 365 ProPlus implementation and how it impacts the user experience. We looked into Outlook Cached Exchange Mode, optimizing Lync, dealing with OneDrive for Business and how we license Office 365 in a XenApp environment.

The easiest thing would be to simply grab the Office 365 Deployment Guide for XenApp and XenDesktop.

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