Worx Verified Program

As more and more businesses embrace mobile devices, mobile apps that power these business tasks need to be secure, quick and robust. Find out how Citrix Ready Worx Verified Program can help.

Mobile devices are gradually seeping into every sphere of business, small or large. Whether it’s an SMB, or a huge conglomerate, mobile devices have not only become necessary, but inevitable. And increasingly, mobile apps are powering the tasks on these devices. Although there are plenty of apps in the market, few meet the security standards, and even fewer are adopted by enterprises. While employees are increasingly using productivity apps for their work, this is generally done in silos without any visibility to IT admins in the company.

When it comes to handling sensitive or confidential data, the challenge amplifies. Although BYOD is rampant, security remains one of the biggest concerns for IT administrators in the enterprises. Hence, IT admins are struggling to control the sheer number of operating systems and devices, let alone thinking of integrating these into the office infrastructure.

In our endeavor to go beyond today’s defined workplaces, we’ve created our Worx Verified Program to help eliminate barriers that prevent work from anywhere, anytime. For businesses developing enterprise apps, here’s a chance to unlock new ways to work.

Through Citrix Ready Worx Verified Program, systems integrators, independent software vendors and technology partners can easily verify their mobile apps with Citrix XenMobile™ and Citrix MDX app container technology.

This enables you to give your customers consistent mobile app security, deliver apps more quickly, and reduce their time-to-value. Consequently, you can list your Worx verified apps on the Citrix Worx App Gallery for an extended visibility among Citrix customer base.

Watch these tutorial videos to get step-by-step instructions to worx-verify your iOS and Android apps respectively.

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