Your new Citrix product docs site — — is almost ready for primetime. To serve you better, we’re working on an improved site that will be easier to use and get you to the critical information you need faster and on any device.

We’ve opened up a public demo site so you can explore and get acclimated to the new features and interface before the official launch later this year. Your feedback will help us put on the finishing touches and complete development.

The new mobile-friendly site is being designed with you in mind. The Information Experience (IX) team — part of the Citrix Customer Experience Team — conducted research with about 1,200 customers before going to work on the design. Throughout the design process, they have utilized findings and valuable insights to focus on simplicity and efficiency.

Are We On the Right Track?

The purpose of the demo site is to get your feedback to ensure we’re on the right track with new and improved features and navigation. We’re testing the site with a sampling of content and are still developing search and downloadable content. Full access to the current site at will remain available throughout our transition and launch. Keep checking the site for new features being added and to see your feedback being incorporated.

Demo Highlights

Beyond just a new look and feel, the site will be featuring more solutions and interoperability content content from other Citrix teams, such as Solutions Lab, that includes real-world use cases and greater technical depth. You’ll see more screenshots, more consolidated content, and smarter, intuitive navigation.

Thanks to everyone who has provided valuable feedback and participated in our research effort to get us to this important milestone in improving your Citrix content experience.

So, after you visit our demo site, please take five minutes to click on the feedback links in the demo site to complete a short survey.  Of course, your comments are always welcome here, as well!