AMR Asia aims to double revenues with cloud & mobile workspace solutionsAMR Asia, based in Bangkok, Thailand, is taking full advantage of strong customer interest in both mobility and cloud hosting to power its growth goals.

The company aims to double its revenues in two years by cross-selling and upselling the complete Citrix portfolio to its base of 300 enterprise customers in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

In addition, AMR Asia has taken the lead in virtual private cloud solutions by becoming certified as a Citrix Solution Provider and launching an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering.

“We are seeing a lot of enthusiasm about bring-your-own-device (BYOD) because companies want the employee productivity and hardware cost savings that these programs provide,” said Mr. Charn Nukulwutthiopas, director and co-founder of AMR Asia.

“For example, the largest mobile operator in Thailand has implemented a Citrix mobility solution featuring XenMobile and ShareFile.” Similarly, Thailand’s top securities broker, which has achieved number one brokerage market share every year since 2002, expanded its XenApp, XenDesktop and NetScaler infrastructure with XenMobile and ShareFile.

AMR Asia is also responding to customer demand for secure, affordable cloud hosting services to support business continuity planning and IT cost reduction.

Striving For Accelerated Growth

AMR Asia’s customers, which are concentrated in the financial services, manufacturing, media & entertainment, telecommunications and healthcare sectors, currently use Citrix XenApp and “The Citrix vision adds value to AMR Asia"XenDesktop. They include the largest food manufacturer in Thailand; the operator of the country’s largest website; and a major government enterprise in the utility sector. The partner’s two-pronged business strategy includes moving these customers into mobility and cloud while expanding their virtual app and desktop licenses.

To achieve its ambitious growth goals, AMR Asia is using a wide range of Citrix partner resources. Its plans for 2015 include:

  • Enlarging its solution portfolio by joining forces with Citrix global partners in Thailand (HP, Nutanix, Commvault, ObservIT, eG Innovation, Google, etc.)
  • Adding more marketing activities, including lead-generation events:
    • AMR Asia will hold a “Cloud & Mobile Workspace Solution Day” with Citrix in March, targeting 150 existing and new customers
    • The company will participate in events with Citrix global partners throughout the year.
  • Increasing the number of Citrix certified sales professionals

These initiatives build upon the company’s solid Citrix foundation and commitment. AMR Asia maintains a dedicated Citrix team of 10 certified sales and presales engineers and five certified technical engineers. Currently, all sales and pre-sales engineers use XenDesktop, ShareFile and GoToMeeting in their everyday working environment. The company operates a training lab for both its own engineers and customers that is equipped with Citrix solutions.

Reaching for the cloud

Thanks to training in the latest cloud infrastructure technologies, AMR Asia became the sole Citrix partner in Thailand capable of implementing CloudPlatform and CloudPortal. These solutions enable enterprise customers to create a private cloud and service providers to deliver cloud services to their customers.

But the company did not stop there: in 2014, AMR Asia introduced WhiteSpace, its virtual private cloud offering. WhiteSpace leverages CloudPlatform and CloudPortal as backend infrastructure. The subscription service targets two types of customers:

  1.  Enterprises looking for a high-performance and secure site for disaster recovery, system backup or a hybrid cloud
  2. Software businesses looking for a highly availability and scalable site for hosting software as a service (SaaS) or as a short-term development and testing platform

WhiteSpace is the first full-featured IaaS in the country.

It also stands out by providing:

  • 99.95% SLA
  • High speed (110 Gbps of domestic bandwidth)
  • On-demand self-service portal powered by CloudPortal
  • Monthly subscription plan with no long-term contract
  • Compatibility with Amazon EC2

Mr. Charn Nukulwutthiopas said, “The Citrix vision adds value to AMR Asia’s market position, helping us compete effectively and grow rapidly. Citrix provides innovative mobile and cloud solutions to enable smart organizations and smart employees. Moreover, Citrix solutions are future-proof, so they are ideal for top enterprise customers in Thailand.”

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