Do you visit Citrix Partner Central on a regular basis? Have you browsed through all the benefits available to you on Partner Central?

Well, if the answer is NO for the questions above, this blog is for you!

Citrix Partner Central is the one stop source to find all the Citrix Ready Technical, Marketing and Sales benefits available to you!

In this blog we will give you six reasons on why you should visit Citrix Partner Central.

1.    Manage your Account: Citrix Partner Central allows you to manage your Citrix Ready partner account. You can add or delete your company contacts and assign a contact as Technical or Marketing contact. Make sure you have the “contacts” updated to receive all the program key updates and products news. You can also renew or upgrade your membership level, view membership status and much more.

2.  Technical Licenses: Citrix Ready program offers a number of free licenses to member partners depending upon the membership level. These licenses not only allows you to test your product compatibility with Citrix products but also helps streamline production and product demos. Partners can log in to Partners Central and avail all these licenses with just a few clicks.

3. Marketing Resources: Find all the co-branded marketing templates like Solution brief, whitepaper, Sales Enablement, Value Preposition; Citrix Ready Badge, other critical resources, guidelines documents and much more…all at one place! Log in to your Partner Central account and see what cool marketing resources we have available for you. These resources will not only enable you to highlight your Citrix Ready partnership but also showcase your product features, customer use cases, integration with Citrix products and gives your customers the confidence that you product is Citrix Ready Verified. Citrix Ready team will work with you closely to create these resources and also to promote the collaterals on various Citrix properties.

4. Sales Enablement: Another amazing value Partner Central provides is the access to the Citrix Key Plays and Citrix Sales IQ.

Citrix Key plays are customer focused go-to-market kits created by Citrix. Whereas, Citrix Sales IQ is a portal largely accessed by Citrix global sales team to prepare an effective customer dialogue. We upload all the co-branded collaterals on the Sales IQ, which will not only provides you an extra visibility, but also gives an edge to our sales team to pitch your products to the end customers.

5.  Training Materials:   Should you need any training on the Citrix products, Partner Central is the place for you! Browse through the Citrix Ready Trainings page and see what all trainings and Citrix Product roadmap webcasts are available to you.

6. Citrix Ready News: Learn about all the Citrix Ready key program updates, product news, partner event highlights….with your exclusive access to the Partner Central.

You can also view all the Citrix Ready Summit 2015 presentations on Partner Central.


Visit Partner Central today and browse through all the Citrix Ready program benefits.

Feel free to write to us at should you have any questions or need any help with the Partner Central credentials.

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