In this blog, we are going to cover three WorxMail issues caused by the configuration issues related to Lotus Traveler, Exchange Server and Mailbox related configurations on AD User accounts which causes WorxMail sync to fail. While there could be many possible causes for these issues but in this blog, we are covering only few possible cases which can result into WorxMail sync issues.

Problem 1:

WorxMail Sync fails with the Lotus Traveler server with the error message “Failed to negotiate on a common ActiveSync protocol version.  Negotiating ActiveSync protocol: Failed Folder Sync: Not performed.”

WorxMail Error Message:

Failed to negotiate on a common ActiveSync protocol version.  Negotiating ActiveSync protocol: Failed Folder Sync: Not performed.

Error Description:

WorxMail sync fails with the Lotus Traveler server. Lotus Traveler server does not send the response to the HTTP Options command.  Below are the possible check points and in our case Traveler server was not configured with the path /traveler/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync so Activesync commands sent has /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync as the path. The post http command should be in the format /traveler/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync.

Possible CheckPoints:

1) Please check the Lotus Notes Traveler is configured as follows:

The following corresponds to the configuration pages in Traveler server Domino Administration.

  • Domino Directory Configuration – Web Internet Sites. Internet Sites the following rules configured.
    1. Override Session Authentication for /traveler to disable form-based authentication.
    2. Change web site rule for /servlet/traveler to /traveler.
    3. Change web site rule for /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync to /traveler/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync.

2) Verify that Domino is not blocking OPTIONS

There are two ways that the Domino HTTP server could block OPTIONS, which typically results in a “405 Method Not                Allowed” response from the server. Refer to this technote for further information on verifying that OPTIONS is not                      blocked by the Domino HTTP server:

3) Verify that other network applications are not blocking OPTIONS (This needs to be check now)

                If Domino is not blocking OPTIONS, ensure that OPTIONS is allowed by any firewall, VPN, reverse proxy, or other                     network appliance/software that could intervene between the device and the Traveler server.

What to find in the WorxMail logs:

WorxMail logs report “NO VERSIONS REPORTED – IS HTTP OPTIONS BLOCKED” by server.

” 10-Oct-2014 11:05:49:486 (-0500) “,WorxMail,INFO (4),”ActiveSync protocol versions supported by Exchange server: NO VERSIONS REPORTE – IS HTTP OPTIONS BLOCKED?”,-,com.citrix.workmail.provisiondispatchqueue,9e1f,WorxMail,/Users/test/Slave/workspace/WorxMail_Release_Artemis_9.0/develop/MobileMail/iOS/Release/9.0-artemis/ExchangeMail/activesync/libiosactivesync/engine/ActiveSyncEngine.m,-[ActiveSyncEngine validateAccount:error:],561

” 10-Oct-2014 11:05:49:486 (-0500) “,WorxMail,ERROR (2),”Negotiating ActiveSync protocol version failed.”,,com.citrix.workmail.provisiondispatchqueue,9e1f,WorxMail,/Users/test/Slave/workspace/WorxMail_Release_Artemis_9.0/develop/MobileMail/iOS/Release/9.0-artemis/ExchangeMail/activesync/libiosactivesync/engine/ActiveSyncEngine.m,-[ActiveSyncEngine setServerCapabilitiesAndProtocolVersion:],393

” 10-Oct-2014 11:05:49:486 (-0500) “,WorxMail,INFO (4),”Server responded with 200 status code without version information”,-,com.citrix.workmail.provisiondispatchqueue,9e1f,WorxMail,/Users/test/Slave/workspace/WorxMail_Release_Artemis_9.0/develop/MobileMail/iOS/Release/9.0-artemis/ExchangeMail/activesync/libiosactivesync/engine/ActiveSyncEngine.m,-[ActiveSyncEngine validateAccount:error:],565

” 10-Oct-2014 11:05:49:487 (-0500) “,WorxMail,ERROR (2),“WorxMail could not determine the server version – is HTTP OPTIONS being blocked perhaps?“,Active,,707,WorxMail,/Users/test/Slave/workspace/WorxMail_Release_Artemis_9.0/develop/MobileMail/iOS/Release/9.0-artemis/ExchangeMail/ExchangeAccountViewController.m,__80-[ExchangeAccountViewController observeValueForKeyPath:ofObject:change:context:]_block_invoke,1042

Problem 2:

Access to your company network is currently not available during WorxMail Launch.

Only few users face the error “Access to your company network is currently not available”.

What to find in WorxMail Logs:

In WorxMail logs, we can see the status code 111 for the foldersync response.

FolderSync operation received status code 200. Now parsing response..
Parsing FolderSync response failed with status code: 111
FolderSync caught parser exception.

Status Code 111 means:

This is a server side configuration error. Look at the below link for the error codes. Status Code 111 translates to:

111 ServerErrorRetryLater The server encountered an unknown error, the device SHOULD retry later. Supported by: 14.0, 14.1When protocol version 2.5, 12.0, or 12.1 is used, an HTTP 503 response is returned instead of this status value.

Please refer to below MS link for the http status codes and their meaning.


In Exchange Server 2010, you may experience this issue if the Exchange Servers group does not have the appropriate permission to the mailbox object in Active Directory. The most common cause for this is broken Access Control List (ACL) inheritance in Active Directory.

Make sure the user you try to use has “Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent” checked on the Active Directory user’s permissions.

  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers.
  2. On the menu at the top of the console, click View > Advanced Features.
  3. Locate and right-click the mailbox account (User Object) in the console, and then click Properties.
  4. Click the Security tab.
  5. Click Advanced.
  6. Make sure that the check box for “Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent” is selected.

Problem 3:

WorxMail Error Message “Your Mailbox is Full, Your message cannot be sent until you delete messages from your mailbox. WorxMail will send these message as soon as more space is available.”

WorxMail Error Message:

What to find in the  Logs:

Status Code 115 means:

From the above screenshot, we can see the status code 115 returned. Status code 115 corresponds to: (Reference:

Value Element Name Meaning Protocol Version
115 SendQuotaExceeded The request would exceed the send quota. Supported by: 14.0, 14.1

Possible Fix:

Since the quota is exceeded, the messages has to be deleted from the folder which consumes lot of space.