Do you know what can single handedly tip the scale for your business’s brand and image? It’s customer satisfaction. Customer testimonials and reviews can validate vital information regarding service and performance and may even gauge future success.

At Citrix, Customer Satisfaction and Experience are Top Priorities.

We want to ensure customers find the right solutions and derive the maximum value from them – and our partners are instrumental in providing consultation, design, implementation, management and support to our customers globally. That’s why Citrix designed a new Solution Advisor program with Specializations as its cornerstone to concentrate on customer satisfaction as well as endorse and reward those highly qualified Specialist partners.  Partners who become Specialists have proven customer success in implementing Citrix solutions, possess the most current and advanced Citrix certifications, and have demonstrated expertise in delivering Citrix services.

The Specialist designation benefits customers by enabling them to quickly identify best-in-class partners in target technical areas of Virtualization, Mobility and Networking. This way, customers can readily find the right partners with the latest skills and abilities to handle multiple aspects of complex, technical projects and deliver holistic solutions supplied by a single organization.

Customer “Delight”
It’s Achieved On All Points of Engagement with Specialists.

The importance of customer value is instilled in the fiber that comprises our partner relationships. Citrix Specializations optimizes and invigorates customer engagements delivered by our best-qualified partners. Their expertise and guidance have never been more integral to the customer journey, from initial interest to implementation of holistic, end-to-end Citrix solutions. Specialists are fully committed to extending Citrix excellence making it as easy as possible for customers to buy, implement and use our solutions.

Citrix Specializations represent a brand-new opportunity for Solution Advisors to deliver stronger customer value by concentrating on a specific technology category or categories. Moreover, a Specialist must obtain successful validation from at least three customers regarding their performance on projects in the target specialization: virtual app and desktop delivery solutions; enterprise mobility solutions; enterprise cloud networking solutions; and virtual and mobile networking solutions. Information detailing the customer’s experience is collected via the online Customer Validation tool within Citrix Partner Central. Customer input is then evaluated by Citrix and, if favorable, is counted toward one of the four requirements of earning a Specialist designation.

5 Steps To Manage Customer Validations

  1. Access Customer Validations
  2. Click “Launch Customer Validation Tool”
  3. Click the “Customer Validation” tab
  4. Click “Create New”
  5. Complete all fields in the “Implementation Description” and click “Submit”

The information entered will automatically be routed to the respective identified customer. Customer(s) will have 20 days to verify the information about the project and rate their level of satisfaction before the survey expires.

Citrix Specialist requirements are challenging enough to ensure that only best-of-breed partners with demonstrated success in real-world customer projects will earn the designation. Citrix delivers strong ROI for partners that earn Specialist status and these partners can benefit from increased customer acquisition and gain greater profitability.

Learn about the requirements and benefits by visiting Citrix Specialist and view the new Citrix Partner Incentives deck. As you meet the requirements, track your progress towards your specialization through the Specialist Progress Manager tool.

Step up to Specialist:

I strongly encourage partners to start your specialization journey today. If you are currently a Citrix partner, visit Citrix Specialist on Citrix Partner Central for more details. If you not already a member of the Citrix Partner Network, become a partner and grow with us!

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