A while back, we I wrote a post on connecting a Light Blue Bean BLE Arduino with a button to Octoblu.  This time, we’ve produced a comprehensive 10-minute video. By watching, you will be guided through the process of setting up the necessary tools and flows to get your Light Blue Bean connected to an Octoblu Gateway that is installed on an OSX machine.

The Light Blue Bean is awesome not only because of its size, cost, and ability to run off nothing but a coin-cell.  It has a built-in accelerometer and temperature sensor. With Octoblu, you’ll be able to create all sorts of awesome IoT apps using a myriad of web-services including a number of Citrix products!

I hope that you’ll watch this video and go grab yourself a bean from PunchThrough Designs.  That is,  unless you’re one of the 100 early-participants of the Citrix App Challenge who has been given a Light Blue Bean.

Thats right! As part of the Citrix App Challenge, you’re welcome to use Octoblu to help create your entry.  Through sponsorship with PunchThrough Designs, we gave away beans to the first 100 participants! Although the beans are all gone, you still ought to sign up for the Citrix App Challenge and utilize your Octoblu powers for glory!