Best practices with mobile applications are a changing game. One of the challenges is speed and consistency of API data delivery. I’m excited by the vision and technology of a company called Apakau. Excited enough that we brought them into Citrix Startup Accelerator; where we invest in startups with a good chance to (1) transform enterprise infrastructure (2) create the future of work.

The Apakau team has a webinar coming up on March 18. Please come along; I’d love to hear what you think of them.

Innovations in Data Center vs. Edge CDNs for Capacity Planning

Today, we see data systems reaching the architectural scale-up limits from growing the data center larger and larger. One hint of possible innovation is a more distributed system used in more than a decade-old architecture of a CDN (content delivery system) for static data. While a distributed CDN architecture is still a viable one to provide end users with high availability of static content, the exponential increase of mobile and API dynamic data requires new solutions and architectures to improve user experience. This talk explores innovative architectures to optimize data center capacity, performance and security for dynamic data at the application vs network layers.


Dr Michael Harries, Chief Technologist, Senior Director, Citrix Startup Accelerator